Driving School Classics cheat & codes a lot of money. Is a high-quality educational project with physical elements and a variety of missions. This time, unlike Driving School 2016, you are invited to get behind the wheel of one of the sixty legendary cars of the classic version. Choose automatics or mechanics, a car or a truck, mountains, deserts or city tracks. At the time of passing you will become a student who needs to go through almost a hundred tests, and even participate in races with other gamers.

Gradually, you will open more areas, wheelbarrows and features with which you can turn into an experienced driver. Get rewards that will allow you to rise to the professional level of driving. And if you like to travel long distances, then on our site you will find tips for the game World Truck Driving Simulator.

Codes Driving School Classics

1 000 000 cash – 4Z_MgNjMl3u

100 0000 gold coins – 7H_sRuAspnB

Collect collections of rare vehicles and take part in the competition for the first position of the rating. Download a lot of money mod, hacking Driving School Classics, giving unlimited resources. Used the hacked version and get everything you need for a comfortable passage.

Driving School Classics android

Driving School Classics

  • fifty cars of the classic design;
  • expanded world with multiple locations;
  • career modes, online battles and free riding;
  • custom control types;
  • Excellent detail and damage system.


Very nice old classic cars game really came as per my expectations performance. And graphics could be better steering response not fast overall very good and nice game. Thank you all features are there tJnks so much.

In the last map all the cars are going crazy….some are flying some are drivimg backwards and some just stop for no apparent reason. This makes the game really anoying. When other cars are turning, they turn near you when you go forward which takes points of you for that stupid penalty you guys had recently implemented.The car sounds are horrible….No car popping sounds. The drift physics are on drugs….please fix. Ill jist be playing driving school 2017 untill this is fixed. thanks.

Driving School Classics hack

Driving School Classics is the latest driving simulator that will allow you to drive many classic cars, including muscle cars, supercars, SUVs, Buses, Trucks and many more. Driving School Classics has tons of levels across many environments: cities, mountains, deserts, etc…
Drive a manual transmission with clutch and stick shift or take it easy with the automatic gearbox. Intuitive controls will make this the best driving simulator, use a virtual steering wheel, buttons or tilt your device.

Play with your friends online in the multiplayer modes.
Free Ride mode, Career and many Events are waiting for you! Play Driving School Classics!


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