Duddu – My Virtual Pet-hacking for free on Android and iOS. Unlimited money, turn off ads, additional features, guide, tusl, boosters and codes. Duddu – My Virtual Pet – casual application with elements of a simulator for your mobile device.

If you have little space in your apartment for a dog or parents do not allow her to start, because it is a big responsibility – the time has come to prove to them your independence. Install the game and start a friendship with a funny playful tailed friend who will always find what to do and how to cheer you. How to get a lot of money for free in the Flip Master game, codes are available.

Duddu - My Virtual Pet cheat

Duddu loves to have fun, so here are about thirty different games. In them, you will not only have a good time, but also learn how to care for others. All of them are created for educational purposes, besides, some of them will bring you a little money for the development of the pet and the purchase of various accessories in the virtual store.

Keep track of your puppy’s health, because he can get sick, do not forget to feed him in time to grow a big dog, and buy him fashionable clothes.

Duddu – My Virtual Pet hack cheat

  • Unlock all packs – SCTC4LPQEN
  • Unlock gym pack – JDLKTY5NB0
  • Unlock doctor pack – NKXQBJXNTZ
  • Remove ads – C2M5VL4V0V
  • Unlock cooking pack – 9418LGL4XG
  • Unlock art pack – X4CHS8FUO7
  • Buy 650 diamonds – 167IFBCL28
  • Unlock club pack – H2ZEN4NM8W

The game has a network mode, where you can visit with other players and watch the development of their game, how they settled and what they bought to their Dudda room. Thus, you can create a wonderful home for your pet, which will be pleasant to him and you.

Since the game has a huge amount of paid content, we suggest you use the Duddu cheats – My Virtual Pet. Which in turn will allow you to play on android for free and at the same time have a lot of money in the account. This gives an advantage to the gamer and is able to use valuable resources and boosters.

Duddu - My Virtual Pet hack

The game received a beautiful and bright cartoon visualization. There are many locations that allow you and your pet to travel even to islands in the tropics. You can learn a new hobby, learn new things together and just have fun in the process.


  • about 30 toys;
  • pleasant voicing;
  • care for Dudda;
  • buy doggie clothes, food and accessories;
  • equip his home;
  • travel and visit;
  • there are daily tasks that will help develop the dog faster;
  • beautiful and bright animation.

Game reviews

No more doctor… I purchased this game finally for my kids because they liked the doctor part of the game (and they could now play the full version). NOW there is NO doctor part of the game! If this is a ploy for more money you are horrible to do this to children (bring up their hopes and just take it away).

This so much better then the another game they made. It was a game where you got to take care of a cat. But now you are taking care of a dog. I love the new game.

It’s really fun! OF COURSE DOWNLOAD IT! Best game ever… bubadu games are best…. u can walk , clean,make potions of your own,eat,sleep play ,visit friends houses,swim,etc…Lots of fun to do! I would recommend this for all ages!


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