Earn to Die 2 – free on Android and iOS. Tips for passing, cheats and codes for passing. How to get a lot of money, double the amount of resources. How to use codes, get unlimited resources. Earn to Die 2 – the famous action arcade again takes us into a post-apocalyptic time, where the main character will have to fight for his salvation.

Also on our site you will find codes for the first part of the game.
Earn to Die и Earn to Die 3.

He was lucky to get a cool car just before the outbreak of the epidemic and now his task is to get to a place where there is no zombie virus. However, it is on the other side of America. You have to drive that there are forces, incidentally shooting zombies from the cab of your car. At the same time, try hard so that no creature bites the brave man.

Earn to Die 2 hack

If we talk about the dynamics of the levels – the events here literally follow each other, presenting the main character with even more unpleasant surprises in the form of angry flesh eaters. Rush through the infected destroyed cities, where the smell of smoke, blood and flesh soars in the air.

Earn to Die 2 cheat codes, hacking:

  • 500 000 cash – OhI_2Mr8JLC
  • double cash – GDh_iUcHBvL

By the way, the game has become more sophisticated than the first release, and the levels themselves are lengthened, you will constantly pass by factories and tunnels full of zombies. But do not overdo it and try to take care of your rusting baby, because she falls apart on the go. Gradually, you will unblock another ten cars, which by characteristics significantly surpass your car.

Earn to Die 2 cheat

Here, you and fire cars, and patrol, tractor and even a van with ice cream. Use the cheat codes Earn to Die 2 and get a large amount of funds. Strengthen their frames, equip them with machine guns, so that you can drive away the monsters, pump your cars as best you can to get to the ship that takes you to a safe area.


  • ten kinds of cool wheelbarrows;
  • tiered levels;
  • dynamic action arcade;
  • cool graphics;
  • various auto and weapon improvements;
  • convenient management.

Some player reviews:

Ok so I’m sure it must be hard to make a console game and a lot of time and effort would go into it but. I would like to suggest a console game. So I know that the developers have already made crash cars wick is kind of the theme I am suggesting. But with a twist! Ok so keep the the same art style of earn to die make more weapons similar to the ones currently available and make more vehicles maybe 10 more? And make it where it’s a large arena with 20 players or so and you have to destroy every car.

But when a persons car is destroyed they can go on foot. Also make them be able to find another vehicle and weapons and maybe traps? I know this is a lot to ask but it seems like a good idea to me and please let me know what you think by responding.

I like this game, but there are some things that frustrate me about it. First, the vehicles feel way underpowered, even when you’re fully decked out. In the original, this wasn’t a problem, since you could just get a new car if you had earned enough. However, in this sequel, you’re stuck with the car that’s available for that level and that’s it. This creates a situation where every new level feels like the first level, because you’re starting with a fresh car. The other thing that irks me is the fact that you can buy money. Other than that, the game is fine.


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