Earn to Die 3 hacking on android, for free, a lot of money, cheats and codes. Tips and guides how to unlock items. Earn to Die 3 – racing application in post-apocalyptic setting. In the new chapter of the game of this most difficult journey, players are offered more types of vehicles. Changed and complicated some game moments, as well as locations. The walking dead themselves will now bring even more trouble than before. They will be able to drive a car and shoot down your vehicles, which equalizes the chances, but not in your favor. Take advantage in another action game, Creative Destruction.

Earn to Die 3 cheat

Aggressive gaming environment will constantly throw up surprises. You can cope with them only having a cool arsenal and not removing your feet from the gas pedal. By the way, the control here is implemented quite comfortably, which allows you to play even on tablets. You can control a tracked tank, a sports car, and a number of other vehicles. But it requires particular attention to strengthening the characteristics, because with every kilometer the zombies become more, stronger and more resourceful.

Earn to Die 3 cheat codes

  • 250 000 free cash – D8OP2AXX49
  • Money Doubler – RJTHOM05H1
  • Super Boost Pack – 1CPF74KLEN

In order to avoid collapse at the first level. We prepared for each player a small bonus in the form of a hacked Earn to Die 3 on android / ios. We offer you to use free cheat codes for a lot of money and endless improvements with unlocking of all game levels. Now you do not need to earn hours to upgrade cars and purchase various chips for it. Determine your track, shoot back and chase what your iron horse has.

Characteristic game Earn to Die 3 :

  • bright visual elements and game effects;
  • extensive boundaries of the game world;
  • several types of walking dead;
  • more transport to choose from;
  • new parts and firearms available;
  • intuitive control.

I like this game, but there are some things that frustrate me about it. First, the vehicles feel way underpowered. Even when you’re fully decked out. In the original, this wasn’t a problem. Since you could just get a new car if you had earned enough.

Earn to Die 3 hack

However, in this sequel, you’re stuck with the car that’s available for that level and that’s it. This creates a situation where every new level feels like the first level, because you’re starting with a fresh car. The other thing that irks me is the fact that you can buy money. Other than that, the game is fine.


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