Fallout Shelter-free for Android and iOS. Cheats and codes is a strategic project in a post-apocalyptic setting and multi-faceted gameplay. Get lunchboxes, free kits, bonuses and tips. In the game Fallout Shelter, take in your shelter survivors, create your own community, streamline the workflow and develop your bunker until it turns into a full-fledged city.

To all this, the atmosphere of the apocalypse adds, high-quality cartoon design, sound elements. Codes for the game Boom Beach are also available on our website.

It is important to remember that the lives of these people will depend on your decisions, so carefully weigh them and try to do so. So that everyone was happy with his place in the new society. Your catacomb becomes home to dozens, and soon hundreds saved, but the game will not end there. We need to feed them something, supply food, water, electricity and other important resources to the bunker. In order for this production to be established, it is necessary to build special buildings where people should be sent to work.

Fallout Shelter cheat codes, hacking for Android & IOS:

  • Bundle of 40 Lunchboxes – RGSbeBI1gq
  • Bundle of 5 Mr. Handys – kB3yLdmJ8i
  • Mr. Handy – MDCdzhoGJE
  • Bundle of 5 Pet Carriers – hSm54FJPFe
  • Pet Carrier – qw6zE4maOA
  • Six Pack – DYch0kHDvV

An important element of survival will be satisfaction with the situation of people. That is, they should feel not only protected, but also be pleased with their purpose. To choose the right workers for production, you need to carefully study their characteristics, then the world will grow much faster.

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Try to avoid igniting riots among the inhabitants, listen to your intuition and their wishes. Do not forget that each action has consequences, study each and try to build your own civilization on your mobile device.

As you expand, you will need even more resources and local currency to purchase land and build new buildings. We suggest you use the cheat codes Fallout Shelter on Android and iOS. On this page you can use cheat codes with a large number of covers, water and other useful resources for free.


  • numerous resources for founding a new world;
  • a variety of skills in survivors;
  • look after each inhabitant;
  • building elements;
  • colorful graphics and simplest navigation.

Some player reviews:

Pretty awesome game. Imo Survival is the only game mode worth playing. But it can be challenging and theres a bit of learning curve if you go that route. But if you’re like me and love a challenge then its probably right up your alley too! Otherwise it’s a pretty fun casual game to pass the time. No internet access required to play. Tip for playing on Survival: Dont build too fast and Endurance = health.

Fallout Shelter cheat

(First of all I love this game and appreciate all the challenges it poses- it truly requires vault management and strategy to strive in this game, and just annoys me when people bash the game for over building and overpopulating only to complain about the over-inflated difficulty they themselves caused)

HALLOWEEN, hopefully new things come from this, I’ve had this game for a while but I haven’t really picked it up since this month. I am heading for end game and I’m already feeling the end of things to do, my mission lists are becoming increasingly smaller and I hope this update comes with new missions like the previous years brought, but hopefully there are future updates to retain some freshness to the game. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll continue playing no matter what, but maybe new “off-holiday” missions, new wasteland events, and if we are lucky new weapons enemies or dwellers.. (but I most care about the first 2 things I mentioned)


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