Fallout Shelter hacked for android is a quality strategy in which you have to build your own refuge in the post-apocalypse.

At first, the Warden will have only 5 inhabitants and lids for the construction of the most important buildings. Gradually developing, you will be able to increase the population to as much as two hundred people, while erecting a whole underground residential complex.

There are several types of buildings – they are generators needed to generate electricity, pumping stations necessary for pumping out water, canteens for making food. There are also medical laboratories, armor workshops and weapons, training halls to improve the parameters of residents. Each type of building has three levels of improvement that open as the population increases.

Fallout Shelter cheat

Every resident of the Vault is a person. Therefore, he has his own name, appearance and distinctive parameters, which are represented in the game quite a lot. Strong heroes should be sent to the rooms with pumps, and smart in the laboratory. This will affect not only the efficiency of the compartments, but also the overall mood in the complex.

Fallout Shelter cheat & codes

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Each character can be equipped in armor, give him a weapon and assign the owner. It is important to immediately take care of protecting your home, where bandits, cockroaches, or other dangerous creatures will often drop in. Other random events are also possible – floods, fires, etc. Characters can be sent to explore the surroundings. There they will be able to find useful materials and uniforms, to gain experience. Also on the Wasteland you can meet other heroes who will gladly give a small errand. For him as a reward, you can get various useful things.

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Reviews Fallout Shelter

I’ve been playing this off and on since 2015. I still absolutely love it! They’ve added so many great things. The missions are fun. While I can’t say this about most game shops, the items I’ve bought were actually worth buying. Mister Handy offers just the right amount of sarcasm to the came. I will continue to play this for years to come.

Awesome game. Good job! My only complaint is that every few weeks I get promted during gameplay requesting a review of the game, even though I left a review a long time ago. Wanting feedback is totally reasonable, but its kinda spam at this point.


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