Family Guy The Quest for Stuff hacked into android is an adventure strategy game telling a story about another school of Peter Griffin. After he got into a mess with a huge chicken, the whole town began to resemble a garbage dump. Almost all the houses are destroyed and that the locals are not rallied against the silly head of the family. He needs as soon as possible to return everything to its place. But it will be quite difficult to do this.

Building houses and helping Peter’s friends are your main tasks. However, as they are executed, other branches will appear. This farm is partly similar in its mechanics to the acclaimed The Simpsons: Tapped Out, where Homer also did things. Naturally, during the passage will not do without the crown zaboristyh jokes. Thanks to the fun moments it becomes more and more interesting to play. And there will be a lot of them, because Griffin is one of the most clumsy inhabitants of Quahog.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff cheat

  • Crate of Coins – Xr_ZADQDXbz
  • Tank of Clams – BN_SUSbC95r

You have to play not one Peter, but members of his family, as well as several other townspeople. In addition, a special Quahog social network has been developed in the gameplay, where the locals will share their secrets.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff cheat

And so that you can feel the full charm of the app, use the Family Guy Codes for Quest for Stuff codes for a lot of money. Everyone can use this advantage, absolutely free. Thanks to the cheat codes for free purchases in the store, you will be able to rebuild destroyed homes much faster and do other things that are plenty in the game.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Game Feature:

  • stylish visual shell with original layouts;
  • construction strategy with lots of additional missions;
  • many playable characters of your choice;
  • an extensive list of items for shopping;
  • all game locations are unlocked;
  • Crown humor from the writers;
  • simple navigation.


Nice game to spend some time on it. Benefits from ad watching did it a lot easier… But there is one ad that do not have controls over it. it’s Valentines day something. Clicking doesb not bring its page on google play. Neither it can be closed after it plays the whole flash. Only (un)mute button and i am forced to kill app. Restart and pray Valentines day doesn’t pop up next time i see ads. 5 stars though. 🙂

Money Hungry Developers

This game is AWFUL! You cannot complete any of the quests successfully without spending real money! The sad part is that if they weren’t so busy thinking of ways to get your money and actually spent time on thinking through the game and event plots to make them fun, and actually able to be accomplished, then more people would play and possibly spend money. I’ve been playing this game for years and I haven’t been able to successfully complete a quest unless I’ve spent real money.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff hack

So a couple of years ago I stopped playing the quests and just manipulated the characters I already had. I started back playing the quests last month and realized, unfortunately, that the game is the same. Nothing has gotten better or changed. You still have a pyramid scheme to get the items you need for the quests; with only one or two actual characters able to produce the items; the items only dropping every three turn times; the time to complete the quests are still too short; and you still have made it so that only expensive special characters can do the really important parts of the quests – MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE TO COMPLETE QUESTS SUCCESSFULLY WITHOUT USING REAL MONEY!!! RIDICULOUS AND HORRIBLE!!!


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