Fan of Guns hacking free on android, ios. Cheats and – adventure project in the genre of shooter, similar to the game Block Strike. Fan of Guns gameplay offers gamers to test team fighting skills, hone tactical sides, and also take part in a terrible fight against zombies. An incredible amount of weapons and virtual maps, dynamic modes, hellish survival conditions and a lot of extra equipment. This is just a bit of what this product offers.

The graphics in the game are made in pixel format, which slightly smoothes the events on the display. At almost every step, the enemy will try to put a bullet in your chest or to decapitate you. And the dead will tear to gnaw your flesh.

Fan of Guns cheat

Of course, everything will depend on the mode you choose. For example, in PvP combat, it is extremely important to develop tactics and it will not work out, as in the zombie mode, shoot in all directions. For team players, there are separate models of the game, where you can create a clan or a small squad, and take part in tournaments.

Fan of Guns cheat

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As you understand, the main goal is to destroy all or as many opponents as possible. The won means are divided between participants or get to the winner. As in most games of this segment, the currency here plays a crucial role.

It can be said that without it, the real chances of winning are critically small. In the virtual market you can look at the arsenal that best meets your requirements: from pistols and machine guns to rifles, mines and shotguns.

Fan of Guns code

Master the game territory, put deadly traps for enemies. Vary tactics and replenish your character’s arsenal. To start a real war, you only need to use the Fan of Guns cheat codes. Ahead you will find a lot of interesting things.

Fan of Guns game reviews

Can you please add English language, cause i really really love your game. And also can we bind our account so that our progress wont be lost please, and also please add battle royale thanks!

Fan of Guns hack

Great game but add english translate and please fix glitches because i lost my grenade button. So i cant throw those and everytime i leave a match the game closes completely


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