Fire Balls 3D hacking using cheat codes on Android / iOS platforms. Fire Balls 3D – a logical arcade similar to the Perfect Hit. Due to the simplified navigation, the content is suitable for children. In addition, the main goal of the gameplay is the development of reflexes and motor skills. The pursued task here is to smash as many towers as possible, which are protected by various slabs around.

The difficulty lies in the fact that all game elements will be in constant motion. And you need to calculate the very second when the object will be defenseless against your core. If at the first stages the towers are poorly protected, then already after a couple of locations the process turns into a hell of a difficult quest. Also pay attention to the game Helix Jump.

Fire Balls 3D cheat

Minimalism in the design gives the project a special atmosphere. In addition, nothing prevents a gamer from concentrating on the main task. And so, the location is a kind of structure in the middle of the ocean. Around the structure there is a small space in which cubic platforms move. These are your barriers to the tower. The bridge leading to the structure serves as the only link to your weapon. It is equipped with a gun, from which you will shoot.

Fire Balls 3D cheat codes for Android/iOS

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To shoot, you just need to tap on the display. But be careful, as shots are fired in a burst of several balls in a second. The move must be as accurate as possible, and the cores pass into a free window between moving platforms, otherwise the game will be lost. When the ball hits the tower, it begins to crumble, and you get points and move across the bridge to a new goal. And this will happen until you stumble. Fire Balls 3D codes on life, disabling advertising and additional offers will make the game more interesting.


This is the best time Killer Games even though it’s hard it gets easier over time. I advise you gain this game because it’s the best you always wanted. Even though you look into though this might be hard you get so addicted to it. I used to not like it but now my sister got it and I want it.

Great concept but I think it would be a little more fun if your levels were not obviously computer made and made by humans instead. It would also be fun if the towers are a little tougher. I mean I am like level 80 and it is not even hard. I guess that is too hard with computer generated levels though🤨.

Fire Balls 3D hack

Ads are a little annoying but for those who want to avoid them you can just turn you internet and data off. There you go. You would miss out on anything if you do. So this was not an issue for me but it was very satisfying at first until it felt repetitive. It needed something else to spice it up later on. Again that would be too hard with computer generated levels.

I notice you do that with a lot of your games too. I suggest you stop that. It makes the game get old real fast. I hear a lot of my friends play your games and love them. The problem is I have not heard any of them continue for 3 days. A lot of thought gets put into these games. You are kind of throwing it away. It is a shame really. Your games have a lot of potential.


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