Hacked Flip the Gun – Simulator Game for a lot of money, boosters and codes on android and iOS. Tips for passing, cheats and codes, tips for passing, boosters and codes. Flip the Gun – Simulator Game is a futuristic shooting project, the game mechanics of which is based on the laws of physics. Here you do not need to spend hours honing your shooting skills to finally hit the mark – this is unnecessary.

You just need to shoot in different directions, so that a revolver or machine gun does not touch the ground, but is always in the air. It is quite difficult to do this, since after the shot there will be recoil and the gun can be brought in the other direction. Each level is complex, but the main obstacle is the limitation in the amount of ammunition. Also available on the site codes Kick the Buddy for a lot of money that will unlock all levels and items for free.

Flip the Gun hack

Unfortunately, the revolver drum or the machine shop only holds a certain number of cartridges, which cannot be increased by upgrading. The only option is to try to collect all bonuses during the passage of the location. Among them may be an extra shot. Sometimes he can save a gamer from losing. To pass the level you need to save a set amount of points and coins. And if it works out – even beat the records of the other participants in the arcade.

Flip the Gun cheat codes, hacking:

  • Diamond Membership (1 week) – XAM1OM35R0
  • Pinch of Coins – LK2SYR3DWD
  • Unicorn – EF5RL7TMIG
  • GOLD AK-47 – D0PZQI7Z2U
  • Automatic Pack – TPGBSSQEIN
  • Remove ads – OZQ3L90R46

Collecting bonuses is a rather scrupulous exercise, because of the laws of physics, your gun will be thrown to the sides. And you have to get the hang of it so that it flies to exactly where there is a coin, an extra turn or an acceleration arrow. Regarding the management, everything is concise, convenient and understandable – we stupidly click on certain areas of the display and the weapon shoots. The less you miss nishtyakov – the easier it is to go further and save money for other types of weapons.

Flip the Gun cheat

Various movie revolvers, snipers, Kalashnikovs and even futuristic laser guns. Buy a cool arsenal of news and use at its discretion. To do this, on our portal posted free hacked version, codes Flip the Gun a lot of money.

Using cheat codes for a lot of money, every gamer will be allowed to spend an incredibly huge amount of money to purchase all the gaming lotions. It also provides access to all blocked weapons. Buy any weapon and start the path to setting the game record, which no user dares to beat.

Game reviews

This game is perfectly fine and a decent time spender, but after EVERY SINGLE GAME there is an ad. At least they’re skippable, but if they weren’t this game would be a waste of time. If you are going to play this game I highly advise using airplane mode, as you cannot get any ads. Another thing is all the in-app purchases, like the diamond membership. This is a pretty lousy and obvious way to farm in some extra cash. 

So. This is a lovely game. About the graphics. Good lighting. The bullets ricochet off the edge of your screen,which is really cool. BUT. too many guns that need money to buy and too many ads. I tested out all the guns by unlocking them with a third party program. Also,the gameplay is fun. Even if you don’t have all the guns. I tested it to see if it’s more fun. It’s not really more fun in the long run. In general love this game.


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