Forvard Assault hack free on adroid – multiplayer action – first-person shooter. The fulfillment of goals, the laying of bombs or demining, the destruction of opponents will appeal to fans of shooters. Love the action games, pay attention to Major Mayhem 2, as well as bonus codes.

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The player takes part in the special forces team, whose task is to fight for the defeat of terrorists. Each task is given a certain time, the battle is considered lost. If the rivals stay alive at the expiration of time, even if not in full force. On the main screen, live and killed players from both teams are counted, there is also a timer.

On the radar you can see the number and location of hostile fighters and members of your team. And they are marked with red and blue dots, respectively. The player needs to explore the streets of the city or the maze of basements for stripping enemies, find shelter and cover the backs of the allies.

Forward Assault cheat

The reward for the destruction of opponents is the game currency in the form of money and gold coins. For them, you can buy new weapons and skins to it.

The Forvard Assault game of management is very easy. On the screen of a tablet or smartphone there is a joystick, the scrolling of which moves the character forward. There are also icons for shooting, the possibility of squatting, there is no auto-aim, so you must clearly point your weapon at the target.

During shooting, you can reload the clip if you run out of ammunition or change weapons. In the game arsenal of a large variety of firearms and piercing equipment. Pistols of different calibers, sniper rifles, machine guns and knives. In the store, you can purchase camouflage to the weapon or improve it with a new barrel.

Special features

  • Realistic voice acting
  • Good graphics
  • Updates
  • Forvard Assault codes for a lot of money gives unlimited opportunities to purchase ammunition, weapons and other.


Game’s great, but needs a couple changes- 1.Hitboxes feel a little odd, the crosshair turns red to indicate you’re aiming at a player, but the bullets miss 2.Bullets exit from the top of a player’s head. This allows so many stupid exploits where you’re able to shoot while safe behind cover, especial…

This is a great game really, control is great and the graphics is pretty cool. And so addicting that I’m have great time playing it, but the reasons that I didn’t give 5 stars. This is some glitches happen while I’m playing. Like player of CT team spawn in T team and get killed and other problem is balance…

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Because there is no balance in ranked mod we played 5v1 for 4 rounds until player showed and become 5v2 and still no balance. Other things..this game need more weapons like glock 17 equip instead of fiveseven.

And colt 1911 instead of p250 and hk417 insteat of M4a1….and add some camo for uniform,and Gold…its just pay for gold..I mean it should having gold well promoting or in silver case put at least 5 golds..and credit not helping to buy weapons and customize..

Well the problem with customize is when i put suppressed to a weapons it reduces the amount of ammo and mags. I mean you either remove customization or dont reduce or take anything in turn yes it give much of accuracy and stability but less ammo no extra clip. This game of my favorite fps game i would like to see this game growing and have completely 5 stars.


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