FR LEGENDS Hacked – mobile arcade based on racing competitions. As you progress through dozens of levels, users will learn the features of drift, while trying to bypass the opponent and get the maximum points. By participating in circuit races, gamers will earn gaming experience, as well as financial means for the realization of their ideas in terms of vehicle upgrades. Various sports car models will be available for purchase, as well as additional parts for installation. Real Racing 3 racing game, codes for a lot of money you can find on our website.

The choice of the player is offered several modes of competition, but the basic concept in them practically does not change. In one race involved a couple of riders who, as they overcome the path, will try to get around each other in terms of ride quality and number of points. By the way, the system of calculation of game points is implemented using real rules, which seriously complicates the passage. Before starting a career, it will be best if you understand all aspects of the gameplay and navigation.


You should not disdain the acquisition of new models of sports cars, because each has a whole set of original characteristics. In addition, each car is subject to tuning and upgrade, so each time its speed and other important aspects will be improved. Regarding the management of transport, everything is concise and convenient. Try to score as many points as possible in the race and increase your rating.

FR LEGENDS cheat codes

  • Twerkstallion Pack – 0E5JXDZVR0
  • CASH 420,000 – R34BP7OHNV
  • CASH 3,240,000 – SJT0S4S162

The game has a fairly large number of different lotions for the upgrade, but each element has a considerable price tag, which the player will not immediately afford. We suggest you use bonus codes FR LEGENDS for android. Having received endless money, you will become a financially independent raamer and you will be able to improve the system of your sport car even before the start.

FR LEGENDS game Feature:

  • original visuals using sel-shader animation;
  • dozens of difficult tracks;
  • tandem competitions;
  • the increasing difficulty of passing;
  • advanced customization system;
  • several game modes;
  • variety of racing vehicles.


It’s funny. A few days ago I found a racing game that was simple and really fun. I knew that I found the best driving game EVER! Two days later I come across FR and could not have been more wrong about that other game. FR Legends is super fun and very easy to understand just not very easy for me to chase and win lol.

The customization seems nearly infinite and self explanatory. Great job on creating this game👍🏼.


I do have some suggestions for some changes that you guys can make (all positive) but the game is still awesome as is. More cars, obviously. Mustang would be cool, or even something odd like a cop car lol. Ooo a pickup. A Tacoma or a ranger!

A little more customization like individual head and tail lights, and painting individual body panels (hood, trunk, skirts), and removable trunks too.

Most importantly the volume. The music is cool but there’s no way to adjust the volume of it. It would be better if we could lower the volume instead of just turning it on or off. 4Finally, what’s your twitter or Instagram account? I wanna send vids and pics of my creations and my sweet runs!


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