Friday, 13th: the killer puzzle cheat codes for Android is a mobile puzzle game that combines the unique features of the gameplay. The application is a mixture of slasher, logic elements and isometric visualization. Which together convey the amazing atmosphere of the horror films of the past. And most importantly – you will play the role of a serial killer Jason Vurhiz. Who returns from the world of the dead on the night of Friday the thirteenth, in order to avenge the tourists for his death.

We all know the story of the eerie place called “Crystal Lake”, a camp where massacres of holidaymakers occurred repeatedly. It is from this place by the lake that you will begin your journey, explore the forest area, look for houses with single couples. Find single travelers and even groups of tourists. Use logical skills to sneak through dozens of traps, control your favorite machete and make this bloody night the most horrible story in America.

Friday the 13th cheat codes

  • Motherly Love Mega Bundle – yyRh3GNML9
  • Ultra Weapon Crate – 7n258dSCio
  • Thrifty Weapon Crate – HUt5oy2SAP
  • Return to Crystal Lake – jLPsb23sI1
  • Toxic Jason – gTJVHhqU6T
  • The Ripper – UaaJecaM1D
  • Jurassic Jason – ujWyC5jFvn
  • Knightmare – afAvHlVbPd
  • Retro Jason – DLSbCoyHpd
  • Bulk Murder Box – 2EKXPTzVqz

The gameplay is divided into eight chapters in different areas, where there are about a hundred levels with various puzzles and victims. The very same visual series is presented in an isometric format. Slightly cartoon characters initially amuse, but when it comes to business, it becomes much steeper. Moreover, for connoisseurs of horror, the developers presented a special mode marked “R”, where there are no veiled scenes – an exclusive meat grinder.

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle cheat

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle codes game for Android from our site for free. Walk the path of a serial maniac and avenge Jason. Voorhees returned and he will take revenge.

Reviews Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

This game is amazing! I was annoyed at first cause the killzone parts. But I instantly got happy when I got my first golden weapon from watching an ad and getting to rank 2. I love this game because 2 reasons. 1,this game makes you think so hard. But in the end,it’s worth it. 2,it has my favorite horror character and different versions of him!

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle hack

Great game I Love It! I’d like to see “A Nightmare On Elm Street” puzzle game same way like how the creators did this game. Hope in the future they can do it, about Friday the 13th im glad it went to the Nintendo Switch but I Hope they put the game on a Cartridge as well just like they did for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


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