Game of Sultans hacking is a real-time strategic project that affects the pages of history. This application will allow you to become one of the most influential personalities of the ancient world – the Sultan of the powerful and invincible Ottoman Empire. True, how powerful it will be in your hands will depend on your actions and decisions. Try as quickly as possible to establish cooperation with the neighboring states. Expand the military potential of your army, enter into agreements and attack countries that have something to take away.

Initially, users should be familiar with the range of their capabilities as a sultan, and, believe me, quite a lot. For example, one of the most important factors that will allow your country to stay afloat is, of course, the treasury. Your chest of gold will be drastically empty quickly, so you need to take action. You can build trade relations with neighboring countries. Declare war on some weak state, or simply marry the daughter of an influential ruler.

Game of Sultans cheat codes for Android/iOS

  • Time-limited Pack_4 – ex41VVWvjJ
  • 1000 crystal – 8m0LK1Tqu7
  • Time-limited Pack_6 – Ifv7cw76nl
  • monthly card$4.99 – ZoFT08WkqJ

The world in which you will rule is quite extensive. Here are dozens of European competing countries that allow gamers to perform various missions, as well as interact. There is a mode of PvP-battles between gamers, in which you can replenish stocks of gold, as well as increase the number of the army.

Game of Sultans cheat

You can also conclude peace treaties with players, help each other in development and trade, as well as during the attack of enemies. A distinctive feature of the application is precisely freedom of action. So only you can decide for yourself whether you have a harem of a dozen wives, an army of thousands of people or the wealth of all countries of the world. Or maybe all together. Role-playing games have millions of fans. On our site you will also find information on how to use codes in one of the most popular games of Clash Royale.

You have the opportunity to use the codes for a lot of money Great Sultan. Immerse yourself in an amazing virtual world, where only you will decide how your perennial empire will develop. Using cheat codes, get a lot of money, unlimited resources, crystals.

Reviews Game of Sultans

This game is really fun to play and is very addicting. There’s on feature of the game that I feel has more potential to grow it would like to see more added to it is the Haram feature. It would be nice if there were more child types then what is offered so that your not getting the same children over. And over again make it to where each consort has their own gene pool. It would also be fun if the consorts could have twins and triplets every now.

Game of Sultans hack

And then as well as well as being able to do more with your married children add a feature so they can have children. You can raise them to receive their own grown up title like like prince or princess/lord or lady. Depending on where the heirs are in line for the throne and hey also can receive junior/ senior levels.

You could build your own royal family and have a family tree that would be really fun to do it would love to see. The Haram feature grow more into that a bit of customization for the heirs. And consorts would be nice to and maybe add more consorts to the game. As well that would be fun other then that the rest of the game. Is fun just would like to see the Haram feature grow more so you can build a royal family


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