Gardenscapes hacked – a casual project, made in the style of three-in-a-row and mechanics, including elements of a simulator gardening. Austin, the butler of a large abandoned estate, now has to return to the old look of his garden. Your immediate task will be to help a man in this far from simple task.

At each stage, you and Austin need to sort the proposed items, vegetables and flowers, for which you will receive a certain number of points and game currency. Locations will initially be almost empty, but you need to plant them, planting trees and other species. In addition, the game offers to solve simple logical tasks, where you need to build gazebos and other objects, which over time will give an aesthetic appearance to the long-faded garden.

Gardenscapes cheat codes

  • Garden Kit – dKMEzxFvij
  • Gold Reserve – h0zZNzGeiX
  • 75 000 free coins, codes – XB8pU5JcRw website contains codes for the most popular games. Your reward will depend on how many items you have collected in the row. For hundreds of levels, you will collect nice bonuses that simplify some aspects, as well as improve the view of the backyard of the estate. Having downloaded the game Gardenscapes – New Acres from our site with a mod for a large amount of money and lives, you will be able to embody any bold ideas in the garden and make the gameplay much more interesting.

The visual part of the game will please with good detail and high-quality painted elements. The characters themselves, encountered during the game process. Simple controls, sound effects, nice music and beautiful optimization make it easy to enjoy the timekiller.

Characteristic Gardenscapes:

  • a hundred levels with puzzles;
  • scenic locations;
  • numerous bonuses;
  • record table;
  • hacking for money, life and extra moves


Love the game, but the Rewards are very low and there is no appreciation. I hate that you can’t earn enough coins to do anything. Are you for real, only 1 star for completing a level? And why do you charge for calling someone?

That’s totally ridiculous. It’s quite obvious that Austin is the laziest butler on earth. In real life he would be fired. Solving the puzzles are ridiculous, the puzzles are rigged to lose, requiring you to buy coins. You earn so little you can’t go on.

You can’t earn enough coins to buy boosters. So little reward for continuing. I have just about reached my limit, I’m sure this has been a very rewarding game for you. So I wish you the best, because I’m though with paying astronomical prices to lose.

I played for a short time, longer than I intended, but now I’m through paying for constantly losing and then not being able to earn coins or rewards, without having to buy with cash the things you want. If you haven’t obtained your pay for this game, it’s because you have ran your players off.

I come back daily to try for coins via watching apps I have no intention obtaining. As for playing the game that’s out. I no longer enjoy the lazy butler. You have to earn stars just to greet the guests? Get real. You can’t rehab the gardens due to having to buy ridiculous chores. You should not have to use stars to get the mail, answer the gate, train the dog, clean the pavements. I would like to build the gardens, isn’t that what this game is about?


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