Geometry Dash hacking, full version of the game for free. Disable advertising, get a lot of money on Android and iOS. Tips for passing, how to pass the level, where to enter codes, how to download the full version of the game. Geometry Dash is an interesting platformer for your mobile device.

Simple at first glance, the game managed to spoil the nerves of millions of fans around the world. It all starts quite boring – you need to follow the moving cube, lifting it up in time to avoid the obstacle. Also on the site you will find the codes Angry Birds Classic, which will quickly raise the level and unlock paid sets.

Over time, the gameplay is gaining momentum – the figure moves faster and faster, and sharp spikes come across almost every meter. It is necessary to correctly calculate the trajectory of the jump, so as not to get on the blade in front or above. To study the level from the first few attempts will not work, because each time they are generated randomly. There are various traps – simple spikes, spinning blades, lasers.

Geometry Dash cheat codes for Android & IOS:

  • Full version – FP6Y5KEC5B
  • Remove Ads – RU9TT8RQ9Q

The graphics in the game is very bright and does not look like the design in other projects. The textures are made in neon style and are well detailed. Each level has its own unique sandtrek, so quickly the game does not get bored. The control is implemented simply – the cube moves automatically, you only need to pull your finger up in time so that it jumps.

Geometry Dash cheat

Geometry Dash Features:

  • a large number of unique levels with its own soundtrack;
  • the ability to create your own game locations and share them online;
  • customization of the character will allow you to create a shape at will;
  • bonuses during the passage of levels – rockets to overcome obstacles, disabling gravity;
  • training mod to improve the skills of the game;
  • many achievements and awards;
  • rating table allows you to compete with friends;
  • nice graphics and sound.

The cheat codes Geometry Dash can be used for free on the Android, iOS platform. Follow the tips and use the opportunity to reach a high level and unlock new levels.

Some player reviews:

Love the game. My only issue is that the game isn’t optimized for the screen size of every phone. I use an LG G7 to play and the screen resolution is shrunk down, which bugs me a lot. If you guys could fix that to where the game extends all the way to the bottom of the notch, it would be amazing. Even if you added the function to change the resolution for certain phones. Thank you.

Geometry Dash hack

This game is AWESOME!!!!!! I love the cool soundtracks, I love unlocking new levels and cubes A.k.a. icons, and I love being able to do this for a reason becuz completing a lvl will unlock more levels, icons, and more! The best thing that I most love about this app is that u can actually make a level. Yes!, u can make a lvl!!! AND!!!: u can post them so the WHOLE world 🌎 can see that lvl u made!!! AND: u can see THOUSANDS of other lvls that other peeps made!!!!! This game just NEVER gets old!


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