Grand Battle Royale hacking for android – this is one of the best representatives of the genre of royal battle, which recently gained great popularity around the world. Clash Royale is another role-playing game in which you can realize your skills. And on the site you will find cheat codes for passing the game quickly.

The meaning of the game is quite simple – a certain number of users first gather in the same lobby and wait for the start of the match. After the completion of the report, the timer transfers all fighters to a large island full of abandoned cities and empty buildings among dense forests. At the beginning, the players will have nothing – neither food, nor armor, nor normal weapons. Therefore, it is worth as soon as possible to run to the buildings to find a good uniform.

The winner will be only one, so you can not trust anyone. At first glance, friendly players will be ready to kill you in the back in order to get a good weapon or a first aid kit. To survive you need to look not only at the number of cartridges, but also at other parameters. Without first-aid kits, you simply can’t improve your level of health after a fight. And without a backpack you’ll take nothing but a weapon with you.

Grand Battle Royale cheat codes

  • Diamonds Pack 5 – N8ND1MI1CJ
  • Credits Doubler – IY7D5FA4KD

The game ends when only one remains alive, but you should not hope that you can just sit out the fight somewhere in a secluded corner. The battle zone gradually narrows, leaving behind a poisonous gas, gradually taking away health points. At the end of the match you will receive coins that can be spent on the purchase of new skins of heroes. This version is hacked for money, so the player will be able to choose the appearance at will.

Grand Battle Royale cheat

Games Grand Battle Royale good graphic design, made in the popular style now Low Polly. It gives a very nice picture, but does not require a very productive device.


I love this game..It’s so cool,amazing, nice,superb…oh well I can’t explain how cool this game is …it has so many features. .and ya of course it is a online game,but still I does not need much GB’s. I play it very often. .so I would like to u all that it’s a very nice game. .u should try it..bcx…

Awesome game, in my opinion alot more addictive than PUBG or Fortnite. Reckon could use 2 added modes though, one with just Melee and one with just Pistols so it makes it more worth it building them up. At the moment they only really get used in Gun Game. Apart from that though. A****** all around.

Grand Battle Royale hack

Although this game is tons of fun and it even passes fortnite in my opinion, it could be a little better. First, if you could add a third map that would make it a lot more fun! I was thinking if you guys could find a way to make the hide and seek map into a Battle Royale map that would be awesome!

The only difficulty in doing that would be that there has to be a way to parachute into that world. Second, if you could add more people to the world that would be fun. And last, if you could add more people(which means you would probably have to add more time) to the infection mode. I hope you consider my ideas and I would love to see them in game some day!


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