Hacking Grand Theft Auto III on Android and iOS, a lot of money, unlimited resources, god mode. How to use cheat codes in the mobile version of the game, tips and guides passing.

Grand Theft Auto III is perhaps one of the first action games on a mobile platform, having such a large-scale game world and quite good graphics. The game is identical to the computer version. Therefore, if you have previously encountered it on a PC, you will be interested to see how well Rockstar transferred it to Android. Using the codes, everyone can get a lot of money in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

This is the story of a prisoner who escaped from prison. He thought that prison was the worst test, but the most difficult was waiting for him to come, because he needed to stand up. Become an influential person in your city, while making the necessary connections at the top.

Grand Theft Auto III cheat codes, hacking:

  • 1 000 000 cash – F7D_BfBlzM5
  • Remove Ads – HKV_j9mhqGp

The project proposes to pass numerous tests of the formation of the hero on a slippery criminal path. In addition, you will perform side missions and quests that will earn a little green, for example: work as a taxi driver. Therefore, even if you get tired of constantly hunting for loot, do not want to crawl under the bullet of the enemy, you can easily take a tax and save yourself to a rented apartment.

GTA is, first of all, an incredibly large virtual world, where the possibilities are truly endless. If you are a fan of drive and criminal troubles – you have got to the right game and have to download it to your smartphone.

Rob passers-by, take away the cars, fight with the peace officers, and impale your first tattoo after successfully doing the work. Cheat codes Grand Theft Auto III will allow access to paid resources. Ageless product that gives incredible gameplay possibilities. It has a cool graphic part, various gadgets for the character, a lot of guns, opponents and easy money that can destroy at any time.


  • improved graphical shell;
  • many missions and side quests;
  • cool autosimulator and action;
  • dynamic plot;
  • full port of the PC version.

Some player reviews:

So Great! With a few minor glitches. Other than a few glitches due to it not originally being a mobile game, this is purely Amazing! I’m so glad because in many ways, this has better graphics than the original PS2 version (my favorite video game of all times). To my surprise, there’s no loading between entering a new part of the city when crossing bridges etc.

Excellent port of the PS2 classic! Even with the settings maxed out it still runs smoother than butter. The touch controls take some getting used to; sure. I myself don’t own a Bluetooth controller; so I cannot comment on that aspect. Although I can say that if you take the time, the touch controls will feel like second nature. Great job Rockstar!!


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