Grand Theft Auto: Vice City hacking on Android and iOS, a lot of money in the game, god mode, boosters. God mode, unlock weapons, gain access to valuable resources, hints. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – adventure action and the most famous fourth release of a computer game from Rockstar Games. Also on the site there are codes in the game GTA 5, which expands the possibilities.

Since the official version of the PC version was moved to a mobile platform, it still has the same criminal spirit of the 80s. Full freedom of action in the open city, fashionable prestigious cars, girls in bikinis, disassembly in broad daylight, all that we loved for the good old GTA. True, the graphic part was seriously corrected, so the game updated the shell, but the main thing – the atmosphere did not disappear.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City hack

Tommy is a seasoned gangster who has recently leaned back. Arriving in Miami, he cranks up a big deal and steals a fortune from a local group. But he can’t get away without a trace. He is found by large lumps, threatening to kill his relatives if he does not return someone else’s. A huge scale offers to pass a few dozen missions. You will constantly be involved in fights, exchanges of fire between factions, robbing passers-by and banks, even have to kill.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City cheat codes, hacking:

  • 1 000 000 cash – RqEHtUP1T1
  • God mode – MtZwa4lFPs
  • No ads – Jpd6e88AH0

You have fallen into the criminal world, which for every offense will punish according to merit. Grab the bat, find a gun or machine gun and start your way of the gangster. However, it is not necessary to move strictly according to the plot. You can perform side missions little by little or just for your own pleasure, destroy the streets of rich areas. To create emergencies and crush the knees of the local pheasant, who decided to arrange disassembly in the middle of a residential area.

Now your opponents have improved their AI, which will complicate some tasks and make the passing of the game much more interesting. Here, everything is also an incredible selection of retro wheelbarrows and excellent physics.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City cheat

Management also deserves attention. Despite the adaptation of the game from the PC to smartphones, it has not deteriorated much. Therefore, enjoy the pleasant decisions of developers and comb the whole city in search of criminal adventures. Fast forward to Miami 80s, a huge city and start creating your own story.

Codes Grand Theft Auto: Vice City a lot of money, it is an opportunity to get access to valuable resources. The famous computer game is now released on Android, thanks to the studio Rockstar, which was played by everyone. Welcome to the 80s.

The huge free world in which you are free to do what you like, you can just travel around the city admiring beautiful views, and you can go through missions. In honor of the decade of the game, the company Rockstar releases GTA Vice City on Android and other mobile OS – with support for HD resolution


  • Great graphics
  • Fascinating gameplay
  • Customizable control
  • Support for wireless joysticks and some USB gamepads
  • Custom graphics for different platforms

Some player reviews:

I think this is one of the best Android games ever created. The graphics are ok if you max them out in settings, its more about the gameplay experience, and that is something thats definitely there. The game can be easily modded, and there is so many cars and other things to do throughout the game. And this is probably the least inappropriate gta game by far. This game is probably ok for kids around 13 to play. Overall this is a great game and it is really inexpensive compared to GTA 5.

It’s as close to a perfect port as humanly possible. It runs like a charm on my LG Tribute Dynasty, a low-end budget model. The controls took a little getting used to for me, but the learning curve is not steep. No corners were cut in remaking thks chapter of GTA for the brave new world of mobile gaming. just spend the $5 already.


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