Granny 2D hacking, free, a lot of money, cheats and codes. Unlock levels, get lots of money, boosters and codes. Granny 2D is a third-person logical quest based on the horror of the same name – Granny. In this confusing puzzle gamers have to play for the old woman locked in her own mansion. Kick the Buddy for Android & IOS, passing tips.

As you remember, before she lured children into this house and mocked them. But now everything turned upside down. Granny got amnesia on her head and around her, countless traps around her. And which side is the front door, she completely forgot.

Granny hack

For dozens of levels you need to try to find the master key and get as far as possible from the old estate. Everything is much more complicated than it seems in words, since grandmother had previously fairly tried to overpower her hut with sophisticated instances of torture and traps. Try to solve the mystery of each room and, leaving your head on your shoulders, move on to a new stage of this confusing story.

Granny 2D cheat codes for Android

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Despite the fact that there are not so many objects on the locations, it will not be easy to find the necessary objects. And all for one banal reason – you really will not know what you need to find. The game is made in a laconic two-dimensional format, you will see almost the entire room on the display. Therefore, it will be a little easier to navigate. It remains the case for small – not to please in their own numerous networks.

Download the game for free, use Granny 2D cheats for android. Help the antihero once save his life. You will find many secrets, logical puzzles, dangerous moments and psychedelic horror atmosphere. Look for artifacts, artfully hidden from prying eyes, and give your grandmother a chance – perhaps it can still change.

Game reviews

Best game in the world. What to know how. I got nightmares from it. First time playing it the night I got it I got nightmares. Here are some suggestions. First, add multiplayer. Come on it’s the best. One multiplayer is online were you need WiFi and local were people near you can play with you.

Granny cheat

Add mode were you can play as granny. As granny you need to kill all players in your house. To see them you either have to here a sound they made or you see them. When you here a sound or see them there will be a sprint button that come up to run faster. It is the same objective but more people.

Two more things, add an insane mode of more pro people. The second thing in the options before entering the game, add an option to two have more granny’s to make it harder. OMG I forgot one more thing add another mode called outside. In this mode your objective is when you escaped the house you need to find your way back to civilization. But before the game there are five boxes.

One is for the difficulty, the next one if you want multiple granny’s like I mentioned before, the next is if you want slenderina in it, the other is if you want slenderina’s mother to be in it, and the last one is to have all of them besides difficulty. You can only choose one of them the difficulty and one of the last four. That is it. That is what I want new in this game. I know it sounds a lot but it sounds fun doesn’t it.


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