Granny hack for android – arcade quest, offering players to plunge into the atmosphere of horror and hopelessness. The developers presented the horror in a rather gloomy light, with an original storyline and a no less interesting process of passing. Despite all the classics of the genre and some innovations. The application takes the fact that just starting to play, there is a bitter aftertaste of fear. You can never guess what awaits you around the corner and, shaking your knees, as if hypnotized. You go forward, knowing that she is somewhere out there.

Gamers are invited to live for five days as a prisoner of a crazy granny. Her house seems alive, he will constantly find you and tell you your hiding places, so do not take in head to stay under the bed for more than a minute. Constant movement will help you advance further, but be careful. Because some of the objects found may turn out to be traps, which will be incredibly hard to get out of their clutches. Grandma hears and sees everything, but you have to keep your ears open and try to see her movement in the darkness.

Granny cheat

If she found you, run to one of the rooms and try to find a secluded place to wait out the storm. In your arsenal will also be found devices, as well as another function – freezing, which in the most difficult second will save your life. But remember that this creepy old woman is like a ghost: she appears out of nowhere and can simply smear you on the wall. She is your worst enemy you could meet in your life. And this game is the hardest test. Having passed that you will no longer be afraid of the dark.

Granny cheat, code for Android, iOS:

Unlock all items – 0H_2S3CQDb8

Remove Ads – 2o_9HvWsxSP

This game offers a variety of difficulty levels, but even in the easiest you will find a lot of mysteries and problems. With the hacked version of Granny on android, you can punish an evil grandmother and stay in the house for the maximum time. Thanks to the freeze mode, which can be downloaded from us for free. You will be given the opportunity to stop the old woman. This will give you a few seconds of time to hide or escape.

Characteristic Granny :

  • mysterious locations in the form of a dark labyrinth;
  • several levels of difficulty;
  • special version with mod and no ads;
  • a variety of auxiliary items;
  • a large number of traps;
  • serious opponent with thoughtful actions;
  • easy navigation.


So, I have been playing granny for a long time. A few months at LEAST! I love the game. And since the most recent update, that makes the house bigger, it has encouraged me to play even more.

Now, I have been reading through other reviews and I stumbled along some pretty good ones. For example, one was, Granny multiplayer. One person be granny while the other person is you (the one that runs away from granny in the actual game).

Because the person playing the role of granny obviously isn’t computer programmed and actually has a brain, there should be an option for additional days for it would be much harder. Also make the person that plays as granny a tad bit slower so that it is actually a fair game, if you know what I mean.

Granny hack

Granny multiplayer mode would mean a lot to me and my friend ******* because just earlier today we were on a FaceTime call with each other for 4:18:22 playing granny with each other. It would make it a lot more fun at our sleep overs and other hang-outs to be able to do Granny multiplayer mode.

There is no way anyone could possibly understand how bad we have been waiting for this to happen, and hopefully it does. If it doesn’t happen I understand, I quite frequently get ignored by people so if my comment is worth as much as an empty Rice Krispy Treat wrapper to you, it’s okay, I understand. Anyway for those of you who did actually read my comment, I appreciate it, a lot thank you for your time😜


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