Grow Castle hacked – TD strategy for mobile devices with a simple hand-drawn graphical shell. The game does not provide a plot plot, but this gameplay was not affected at all. From the first minute you are immersed in exciting battles between rival guilds who are trying to conquer each other’s territories. Your task is to repel the enemy wave and not allow them to come too close to storm your tower.

The initial stages will not be as simple as we would like, because on your side there will be only three knights. This is a bright sorcerer who controls lightning, a valiant knight who has several units in his submission. And an ogre with incredible strength. You are also provided with one of the best archers of the state, who can even the strength in difficult situations, eliminating several enemy soldiers. Castle Crush game with a similar name, but completely different graphics. Pay attention if you are a fan of role-playing games.

One wave consists of dozens of opponents and, if you succeed at once to kill everyone at once with one wave of the magic wand. After some time the enemy will be stronger and more persistent. When the waves end, the game account receives money. Which you must spend on upgrading your tower and hiring units to help your characters. And your tower at a certain stage of pumping is able to create other characters with special skills.

Grow Castle cheat

Experience points are best spent on pumping knights, their speed, accuracy and health scale. In addition, on our website you can find and learn how to use Grow Castle, which will allow you to get a lot of money absolutely free. So you will get additional privileges, buy all the soldiers and upgrade the tower.

Grow Castle cheat codes

  • Item Box S – ZpHI6Oo2yQ
  • 65 000 Gold – wa3PUGIEh4
  • Auto Battle – BU8SNzAts4
  • 7 500 Crystal – jcHKes4j0v
  • Golden Horn – IjwPj8TnBx

The game is presented in a minimalist style, but this option fits perfectly with the gameplay. Numerous improvements and opportunities in creating an army are delayed for many hours. It is also well and competently implemented management that allows you to quickly learn all the important aspects in battle.

Characteristic Grow Castle :

  • more than a dozen knights and other characters;
  • each character has special skills;
  • upgrade of the tower and unit skills;
  • dozens of locations;
  • a variety of enemy forces;
  • simple graphics and management.


I find this game to be great and I honestly can’t wait to turn this 4* into a 5* review. Don’t have any real issues with the game I like how it was created in the mind set it could be left on over night on battle mode (done that before ). However the amount of heroes although nice and not too few does seem limited for example, there are 3 archers 3 mages and 3 witches but only 2 of other types of characters. I think the team set up idea works great and should be incorporated to more heroes also many many more promotions for heroes please. If that doesn’t get people playing more I’m not sure what will. But I’d not more then allow us to get all promotions regardless of the changing paths allow for multiple paths after say max lvl or round 10k. Or whenever but at some point it would be nice to get that boost and really rely on those heroes again. But I’m not the least bit sure of the future plans I hope it entails a lot of what I brought up here. But I don’t expect any of this to be done, however at the least please give us more reasons to spend gems without throwing them at the castle minigun crossbow electric rod etc.

Grow Castle hack

This game is a very amazing game and I have played it for over a year. I am happy to see that it is updated constantly and that new things are integrated. 

If it’s possible I would like to see an update in the future that shows the total amount of money you make each wave. So far it only shows how much you make from the monsters and it doesn’t show anything about your heroes and how much they make. If that would be used in the game it would make my experience and other people’s experiences much better.

Thank you so much for this great game!


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