Half-Life 2-hacking on Android, get a lot of money, boosters and codes. Full version of the game for free, passing tips. Cheat codes, how to use promotional codes in the game. Half-Life 2 is a cult game from the world-famous company Valve, which is now available for mobile devices and tablets.

Gordon Freeman is a scientist from a research center that studies the anomalous crystal. Because of the “cascade resonance,” the crystal radiated energy, which opened the portal to another dimension of Zen. Aliens began to appear from it, wishing to destroy the Earth. Freeman, armed with a new dimension and destroys their leader Nihilanth.

Half-Life 2

The events of the second part begin 20 years later. Gordon arrives in City 17 and discovers that he is controlled by the Alliance. Totalitarian militarist alien organization, which enslaved the Earth and a number of other planets. The main character will have to unite with the forces of resistance to liberate the world from invaders.

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In the arsenal of the player there are a large number of weapons – machine guns, shotguns, grenades, bazookas, a gravitational gun. There is also a symbol of the whole series – the mount. In the course of the game you have to go through a huge number of levels that differ in their monsters, traps and architecture. Available and transport – the character will be able to drive a car, which will soon be equipped with a machine gun.

The game is ported from a PC, so it has good graphic design and sound effects. However, only owners of mobile devices of the latest generations will be able to play it. Half-Life 2 cheat codes, this is also an opportunity to get the game for free. But on our website you will find them for obtaining valuable resources.

Some player reviews:

Great port, my only complaints are 1) controller deadzone seems kind of large which can make it tough to aim, although this could be an issue with my controller (I don’t believe it is) and 2) no mouse and keyboard support, come on! Give us mouse and keyboard support for this awesome game! The only people who use controllers for fps games are console fanboys! Thanks!

Looks great, just like the game did originally. i had my doubts so i pirated it at first but gladly purchased it once i was satisfied with the looks and playability. I lost my saved game, but ill replay a bit for some achievements. it should be noted that some negative reviews indicate the limitations of the pirated version…


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