Happy Glass hacking on android / ios, unlimited coins, cheats and codes. Unlock all levels, new records and hints. Happy Glass – help a cheerful glass fill up to the brim. In this puzzle you will see how difficult this process can be. There is a mass of obstacles in the form of diamonds and cubes that will interfere with the flow of fluid. F are also elements of physics that slow it down and change direction.

You just need to create the most comfortable conditions with one finger. So that water gets into the glass as soon as possible – only then the level will be considered as passed. On our site you will find codes Helix Jump.

This is a game of attention, because gamers need to take into account a lot of details and conventions, without which it will be difficult to guess the result. Everyone knows the laws of physics superficially, and besides, we all have seen how water behaves in a situation when there is an obstacle in its path. Now it remains only to recreate these actions so that all the liquid pours directly into the glass.

Happy Glass cheat codes

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Each level is unique in its own way and not only with the painted design, but also with the details that allow water to flow. In addition to the glass there will be a tube from which the fluid flows, as well as a platform where it should fall.

At first glance, they are all arranged in a chaotic manner. However, if you draw a line between them, you get one long channel from the pipe directly into the dishes. That is, for the passage, you need to hold your finger across the display and draw these lines.

Happy Glass cheat

If the first levels are simple, then further conditions are complicated by the number of figures and their location. If you cannot immediately find a solution to the puzzle, the game offers a hint that you can use in the most difficult situation. Read Happy Glass codes on android and test your skills. Passing the game will be much easier and more interesting when you have a lot of money on your account.


What a cute game. The music is charming. It’s simple yet you have to pay attention to detail. I like the smiley cup. I thought the way this game dealt with ads at first was very tasteful until big ads played after finishing a level.

I know ads are there to generate money to pay for things and make some profit but it’s frustrating when it’s so overboard like that. Also, the video ads freeze about 3/4 in and I have to restart the app. Happened multiple times. Something to look into.

This is an addicting game, and I love how they keep releasing new levels. This is especially good if you have an Apple Pencil, so that you can be more exact. I’ve passed all levels at three stars and cannot wait for more to come out! (Just finished the 40 additional levels released a few days ago).

Happy Glass hack

A few notes. Yes, there are a lot of ads, but it’s only a few bucks to get rid of them. I chose to just deal with them. The reviews saying that you are forced to watch an ad to get three stars are incorrect — I’ve finished EVERY level at three stars without it. Yeah, a few of them were frustrating and felt like I’d never do it, but it IS possible.

Also, a few people don’t seem to get the stars… it’s not based on how much water you save. You only need to save enough water to make the glass happy, and it doesn’t matter how long. The stars are based on how much “ink” you’ve used — the less, the better. You’ll see the bar going down as you draw, if you cross the first line, you’re down to two stars. You’ll even see the stars next to the bar decrease to two when that happens.


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