Head Ball 2 for Android – mobile online arcade game in a football setting. In this project, you do not have your own club and a lot of responsibilities. You have to manage just one player, at the same time score goals and defend the gate. In many ways, the mechanics of the gameplay are no different from Puppet Soccer Champions or the prequel of the game. Here there are the same cartoons of character drawing and simple controls. Participate in short meetings, defeat real users and become the champion in penalties.

Before the start of the first match, a brief training is required. Where the basic rules and managerial aspects will be explained. There are only five keys for navigation by a footballer: there are cornering buttons on the left and strikes on the right. The level itself is a small field, where there will be two pairs of gates and two players. The goal of opponents is to score as many goals into the goal in a short time. While trying not to miss a single one of their own. Good strategy game Defense Legend 3.

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The game features elements of a card game, that is, you will collect football cards with unique skills to increase your chances of winning. Every character here has a lot of opportunities with which you can create really dangerous moments. Upgrading is an integral part of the victory, so when you hold several meetings and earn a certain amount. Spend it on strengthening your unit and then you will open a number of combos. Among which will be such opportunities as increasing the opponent’s gate, stunning, fireball, freezing and many others.

The more victories, the more packages with boosts and maps of new players you can get. Participate in multiplayer championships and take prestigious positions to get a chance to compete with the strongest players. Head Ball 2 hackng for Android, which includes absolutely all character cards, cheat & codes.


Would be 5 stars BUT the higher up you get, the longer it takes to find matches so I end up giving up after around 2 minutes. the extended search usually puts you in matches with people WELL above your level making them impossible to win. But when you can find matches it’s great. And good work on the tournament mode!

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This game is great to show skill and to waste time. However having ads after EVERY. SINGLE. MATCH. is horrendous. The game is also pay to win which shows just how much the devs care about their fan base. How can you expect a player to get new advanced characters and do better than others when they can’t keep playing? Giving us limited energy AND limited tickets? But thanks for giving us the option of paying you guys to play a free gamez takes the fun away when other players pay to win.

I would like to give some rocommendations that would make this game more fun and skillful. First, i think there should be JumpFatige. I say this because many people just jump the entire game, i know how to beat them but its just not very skillful.

Next i think there should be a more fair match making system because im usually matched with level 20some players, im level 16. Finally i think ads should be skiable after 5secs lost an event because of an 15sec ad. Win Rate 77% Also !!Pay to Win!!

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