Helix Jump-free on Android & ios. Cheat codes and guides, tips and tools. Helix Jump is a mobile adventure with a logical bias, in which you need to hold the ball through difficult locations. The game has a rather concise, but pleasant design, easy navigation and a lot of dynamic levels. The very same gameplay will teach you to concentrate and help develop a lightning reaction. My Talking Angela codes are also available on our website.

At each level there is a virtual tower with spirals, in which there are some slots. At the very top of the display, a scale is observed, which is completed as the standard floors of the above structure are passed. The gamer’s goal is to hold the ball to the bottom, filling the scale as much as possible. At the same time, it is necessary to notice the panels painted in a different color, because getting to them will have to start the level again.

Helix Jump cheat

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After completing this task, the player receives the maximum number of points, bonuses and moves to a new location. It should be noted that with each passage the difficulty of the levels increases due to the number of obstacles on the way. In this case, the player must himself rotate the tower so that the ball falls on the right panel. The faster a gamer pulls the ball down, the more points he gets into his account, and the record bar increases accordingly.

Helix Jump cheat

Timekiller has excellent mechanics and control, due to which the passage is delivered maximum pleasure. Use the application and cheat codes Helix Jump for a lot of money. This is a great great opportunity to get free revieves. Check how good your reaction is. Beat records, compete with friends, play at speed and take your place of leader.

Game Helix Jump reviews

The ad experience absolutely ruins the game. Fullscreen ads between every level and retry attempt. Expect to be seeing these every few seconds with the tiniest close button. In the corner that usually doesnt register when you tap it so you end up in the browser or play store instead. The premium option DOES NOT remove all ads from the game, so be warned. The priority here was cash grab, not game design.

Helix Jump code

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Helix Jump hack

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