Hello Neighbor full version for hacking on Android and iOS. How to get a lot of money, download the full version, tips and guides during the passage. Boosters and unlimited resources, unlock items. – Mobile port of the most popular PC game in the genre stealth horror. The project has an original atmosphere and a well-thought-out gameplay, thanks to which, in the first weeks of release, it gained hundreds of thousands of downloads.

In the game you are reincarnated as a self-taught detective who is trying to bring his suspicious neighbor to clean water. To do this, it will not be enough just to follow the man who settled on your street, you will have to resort to radical actions and penetrate his housing. To dilute the anger of the game, use the codes Partymasters – Fun Idle Game.

Hello Neighbor hack

Gradually, snooping turned into an obsessive idea to slander his neighbor, but your character to the last was sure that this strange type was involved in dark affairs. As it turned out soon enough, all suspicions had a basis, and you go to the very abode of horror.

Hello Neighbor hack cheat for Android & IOS:

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When a neighbor leaves the city for shopping, get into his house and go to the basement where all the answers are stored. Do not forget that the enemy is acting cautiously, which means that surveillance cameras will be located throughout the house, so movement must be extremely careful.

You will have to bypass the traps, look for master keys to closed doors and other devices with which you can neutralize traps. Remember that a neighbor does not need to know about your stay in his home, otherwise he will come for you and turn your life into hell.

Hello Neighbor cheat

We suggest you use cheat codes for hacking Hello Neighbor on Android and iOS. In the game you can plunge into the terrible glowing atmosphere of this game. Good luck and remember: stealth and silence are your best friends. Find answers, confirm your concerns and try to eliminate your neighbor before he does this to you.

Some player reviews:

This game has it’s own pros and cons. And, to be frank, I don’t exactly know what to think of it. Firstly, the controls are okay but still need adjusting. Secondly, the neighbour is either smart or just really broken. Thirdly, the graphics are awful and very pixely. In addition, the lag spikes aren’t helping, at all. Lastly, who wants to watch ads just to respawn? Nobody. From a company this big, with many popular titles, I was not expecting this. In conclusion, the game needs to be fixed.

This game is great, as an AI learns each and every step in this hide and seek house. But the free trial only gives you a taste of the game. Because of that, I have two problems with the game: 1, You have to pay $15 for act 2-3. Just like Super Mario Run. they only allow you to play up to world 1 and play Toad Rally in the free trial of the game, and you have to pay $10 for the full game. It’s tedious and overpriced. Most mobile games that are pay-to-play (such as Minecraft or Plague Inc.) only cost about $2-7 for most or basically all the game has to offer to the player.

2, Each act in the game takes approximately 15-20 minutes for the average player. So the game takes up to 2-4 hours to beat. Most paid games like Minecraft or Terraria don’t really HAVE an end, unless you decide to end it yourself by achieving a goal of some sort. But other games that DO have an end like Infinity Blade takes approximately 5-7 or even 8 hours for the average player to complete, and it’s $5-7.


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