Hide Online hacking for a lot of money, unlimited coins. Cheats and codes for a lot of money, tips and guide. Hide Online is a network action for mobile devices. Developers from the studio HitRock offer users their own interpretation of the familiar game of hide and seek. With a three-dimensional visual series, interesting gameplay, weapons and all the consequences. Now, together with friends, you can have fun without even leaving your home. In the subway and any other place where there is an Internet connection available. If you like action games, then you should pay attention to the codes PUBG MOBILE.

For you, the game begins with the choice of one of the opposing sides. And some will be objects, and the second – rangers with weapons in their hands and an unlimited supply of ammunition. The first will be iron cans on the table, paper boxes, candlesticks and other items that are particularly inconspicuous. Others, that is, jägers, must distinguish between ordinary elements and those that are the goal. You need to find special pointers over them and get into the subject.

Hide Online cheat

It seems that the forces are far from being equal, because a hunter can riddle a location and win. But the developers looked in advance and ruled out such tricks.

As soon as the bullet, which has taken off from the holder of the hunter, does not hit the target, a certain percentage of lives are depleted. In addition, in the case of an item, you can move. Thus, the cursor disappears for a while and you will be safe. The game round ends when all the players of an alien team are caught or after the specified time has elapsed.

Hide Online cheat codes

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Another difficulty for the hunter is the constant change of locations and objects opponents. So you need to work hard and be attentive enough to find someone hiding from the first time. To simplify the gameplay, we suggest you use the Hide Online cheat codes for Android. Get endless ammo and immortality in the game. Bonus to this, hunters no longer need to constantly carry out manipulation to reload their rifles.

Reviews game Hide Online

Cool. But its hard to get a box 🙁 also this need updates how about add a chat? So we can chat and a friend request add a friend in this game. Also add a profile so we can view our friends profile or other and add a new map like mansion. City,ocean city and add a achievements daily challenge so we can get like 30+ 45+ coints.. Also add hats t-shirts shoes so that we can costume our oufit buying it also add a pet that can follow us buying it.

This game is actually pretty fun and I would rate it higher if it had a coin. Earning system so earning tricks and respawns wouldn’t be just for those who pay (since ads don’t always work). But this is a great start for the game, it just needs some work. Adding features like a friends list and custom servers so you can play with friends.

Better controls or custom controls because the buttons are placed awkwardly. And are too small and close to each other (which doesn’t always let me shoot). Possibly different game modes, one for example could be silent mode where the props don’t make noise. But are slightly slower to balance it or another game mode could be an outbreak mode where it starts with one hunter. And when a prop dies they become a hunter until everyone is a hunter or the props win. And adding new maps with new props would be cool!


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