Home Design Makeover hacked for Android/iOS – mobile timekiller, in which users are invited to become interior designers. The application differs in that it combines various elements of mechanics, and here you will need to not only assemble the same elements of furniture in a row, receiving a reward for it. Also, you will work on improving the apartments and offices, just like in the simulator Planner 5D – Home & Interior Design Creator, only in a simplified form. This game will perfectly reveal your talents of the artist and help you find the use of your creativity.

As you understand, to achieve the first results it will be enough to collect the required number of points at the level. For accumulated resources, it is possible to purchase the first furniture and other decorations in order to start furnishing the first room. Here you will have to work with bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and much more. Moreover, with each completed stage, the task will become somewhat more complicated, and customers will become picky, so it is best to learn from the very beginning.

Home Design Makeover cheat codes

  • 12,500 Gems – ZU7Q1K87EV
  • Remove Ads – L8LEQDQP2G

In addition to the mode from the main storyline, there are others, where you have to learn various tricks of the new profession. The gameplay consists of hundreds of locations with puzzles, each of which differs not only in its design, but also in the addition of additional conditions. Do not forget that the more items you open to create the perfect interior, the higher your popularity will be, which means orders will go.

Home Design Makeover cheat

Cheats for a lot of money Home Design Makeover for Android/iOS will expand the gaming potential, and you can buy any necessary details and resources. Just use cheat codes for a lot of money and enjoy the unique gameplay.

Characteristic game Home Design Makeover :

  • the quality of the graphical shell;
  • variety of game modes and several hundred locations;
  • extended collections of items;
  • travel around the world;
  • table of records.


I have been reading the reviews and agree with many of them. I have made it to level 1289, and yes the challenges get harder and harder. I have also downloaded the other Home Design game. It doesn’t have the ticket challenges. A lot of the games I have played on the regular game comes up in the home maker over game. I do not buy diamonds I just wait till my new lives have refilled.

What I am concerned about is the ticket games has such high score needed like needing 50 or above tickets or the coin values in non ticket games. And some of the non hard games are actually harder than some of the hard games. Sometimes I will be doing a ticket game and need a few tickets to complete the decorating scene and the the ticket game disappears when the time is up.

Home Design Makeover hack

I think that is where I get frustrated the most. Then I say it’s only a game. What reward do we get any way after working so hard. There should be rewards for hard games completed or if we reach 1000 or more points or more.

I think too we should be given an option to continue on ticket games for a certain amount of coins. At first when I first started playing, the little monsters that ate our pieces or multiplied those were hard games, now they have the flowers that kind of does the same things, they eat our pieces. I would like to see it more interesting, not harder just more interesting. Sincerely Dee.


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