Homescapes hacking for android – an entertaining timekiller, presented in the 3-in-a-row genre. Your task in the game is quite simple: you need to help the butler revive the abandoned estate and return the old atmosphere to it. All that needs to be done for this is to collect identical pieces. From the field and, thus, gradually move into new rooms in order to restore order there.

The game will start from the very threshold. Here you need to score a certain number of points, blowing up a variety of chips. At first it may even seem that the passage is straightforward and simple. But on subsequent levels you will understand that everything is much more complicated. You may not always be able to save the required number of points the first time. But do not be discouraged and start the level from the beginning.

Homescapes cheat

In the hacked version of the game you have a whole range of tasks where, collecting chips. You will decorate the halls in the old manor until you return it to its previous appearance and order. The application provides a lot of bonuses for gamers. Which can be obtained at the end of each level simply by opening the door to go to a new site. But if this is not enough and you want to enjoy the gameplay and not worry about the lack of funds. The game has bright graphics like My Talking Tom, as well as exciting levels.

Homescapes cheat & codes

  • Purse of Coins – CWzefr9uHF
  • Gold Reserve – Vu1gJQG9Ao
  • Apprentice Pack – 916i2Kf1Ns
  • Piggy Bank with Coins – 0lMrBsEOEo
  • Pro Pack – Dh1CGMvQ3M
  • Pot of Coins – 9aMxCI03OP

We suggest that you bypass this point by downloading our Homescapes hacking game. With it, you will receive not only a lot of money on a virtual account. But also invaluable lives that will allow you to go through the game faster. By the way, the developers provided for a long gameplay, so here there are as many as four hundred levels with various tasks.

Homescapes hack

It should be said that the visual component is also at a decent level: pleasant colors, animations, a variety of rooms and interiors. The game features several interesting characters that will periodically assist you in home improvement. Thanks to simple controls, you will quickly get up to speed and be able to help the butler reconstruct a forgotten estate.

Characteristic Homescapes:

  • 400 amazing levels;
  • many unique rooms in the estate;
  • charismatic characters;
  • nice bonuses for completing each level;
  • hacking into money and life;
  • nice graphics and control.


Greatest 3-match game ever! Just one suggestion: Hard levels: 2 stars. Super Hard levels: 3 stars. And additionally, Challenge levels: 4 stars. And challenge levels should have skulls or danger signs. Also, same thing with money, super hard give 200, and challenge give 300. In addition, since all i want to do is have fun, maybe take away the lives. Every time lose all lives, i dont play any more. Just so you know, I’m not Jumali. I’m an 11-year-old boy.

I love this game. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because every once in awhile I don’t get my star for completing a level. I have spent sometimes a week trying to win a level so not to get my star to complete task with is upsetting. I have also noticed small things like on occasion when i open daily gift it doesnt load to my boosters and doesnt show at all after claiming its just gone. If this glitch was fixed I’d rate five stars.


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