Hacking House Designer: Fix & Flip on Android / ios, free of charge, cheats and codes, guide and hints. House Designer: Fix & Flip is a mobile game where the main element of success is the user’s imagination. In this simulator you will become a new designer, trying to succeed in your profession. You can also make your own home in the game Home Design Makeover.

Ahead of you are waiting for dozens of contracts and a unique system of decorating the premises. And also, just like in the House Flipper project, you will be engaged in repairing old buildings. This is a unique application in which you learn to think outside the box and come up with brilliant sketches of houses, offices and other premises.

House Designer : Fix & Flip cheat

The game begins with the fact that you buy one house cheaply and must equip it for sale. That is, you need to start with a facelift, or redevelopment of rooms. Little by little, going over to decorating the premises and the backyard plot. At the expense of a wide variety of opportunities, you are free to do absolutely everything. Each completed stage will bring small amounts. However, you need to calculate earnings, so that you have enough money to complete the repair, otherwise you can stay in the red.

House Designer : Fix & Flip cheat

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By itself, the game mechanics as simple and clear as possible. You just need to purchase materials, items and equipment. Install them at your discretion, at the completion of the work to sell the house and use the proceeds to acquire a new building.

House Designer : Fix & Flip hack

In this way, you can open a new company for the repair and sale of real estate. And so that you yourself are not denied anything, we made some changes to the process. Cheat Codes House Designer: Fix & Flip for free, allow you to get coins and a lot of money.

Game Feature:

  • realistic graphic elements;
  • advanced options in creating a home;
  • the presence of numerous details of the decor;
  • furniture and appliances for the premises;
  • full designer simulator;
  • simple navigation.


The concept of the game is pretty great but I feel that we should have more options for work. Items in the shop and overall designing aspect. Doing actual renovations where we get to take down walls and add more space would largely benefit the game. The game is called Fix & Flip and I’ve seen. A lot of house flipping to know renovations is a big part of it. Also, making the house useable. We work to come home and do literally nothing? I think it needs a big upgrade and it will be way better.

House Designer : Fix & Flip mod

Here’s some tips for beginners:

1. Use the the left side of the screen to walk, the right side to look around.

2. The bottom right shows all your tools and the left is to purchase things, work, etc.

3. The tool in the very bottom allows you to sell things. So don’t move stuff around just sell it. Even at work. When a paint bucket is empty you can sell that to! I have never ran out of putty so just move it from room to room till your done then sell it.

4. When it comes to work car service is the best. It pays the most. If you don’t feel like finishing the job you don’t have to. You won’t get paid the full amount but you will get paid for the work you did.

5. To open doors just walk up and click use.

6. Don’t invest in your first house right away. You can’t sell it so hold onto that money to buy a house you can sell. Cleaning is free so doing that is fine.

7. You can’t get out of the yard to explore so don’t try lol


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