Hacking Human Evolution Clicker Game a lot of money on Android & IOS, boosters and codes, cheats and codes for free. How to unlock all levels, get game currency sets. Boosters and tips in the game. Human Evolution Clicker Game is a mobile project in the genre of timekiller with enhanced game resources. In this arcade, you are entrusted with the fate of all life on the planet alone.

You will become the creator of life, those who will experiment with genes and create various organisms, ranging from bacteria to intelligent creatures. If you’ve come across the Case Clicker 2 project before, the mechanics and control here are identical. And in the application implemented excellent visual component, giving the process a special atmosphere.

Human Evolution Clicker Game hack

Imagine that you were given the opportunity to return 4.5 billion years ago at the very time when the first primitive organism was born in the bosom of the planet. It is he who is the progenitor of all life on Earth, and you can begin to conduct an experiment on mutation and evolution, due to which you will develop new, more developed individuals.

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To get a pair for your bacteria, you need to burst the balls, and cross the genes of the same creatures. Step by step, the fauna of the world will expand, more perfect individuals will appear, which will soon take the first step to the land.

The game is a constant experiment, during which you can deviate from a clear line of evolution and go the other way. Having a certain set of resources and gene material, you can breed animals that have never existed and see what the future will look like in your development variant.

Human Evolution Clicker Game cheat

Cheat codes are available on this page for hacking the game. Human Evolution Clicker Game cheats provide an opportunity to get a set of game currency on Android & IOS. Using boosters for a lot of money, an unlimited amount of resources are being opened to create unique organisms. Solve simple tasks, participate in the animal population process and find out how the first person appeared.


  • animated style;
  • thousands of stages of formation of living organisms;
  • a large number of goals and tasks that will lead you to the original outcome;
  • experiments with genes and the creation of all life on an empty planet;
  • simple control system.

Some player reviews:

The magnet ability is great, it takes two creatures that aren’t in bubbles during stage one, and it combines them. Unfortunately, it has a major drawback: creatures that aren’t in bubbles. This seemingly small problem, is actually a really big issue later in the game.

I’m currently finishing up the fourth planet, and all I do is set up a mission and leave the game for six hours. It’s rather lame. I loved the way this game played on the first planet, but I did began to feel the drop in speed when I hit the Urbanization/Crystalia split.

I did visit the game frequently to spend in game money on creatures, and watch ads for some gems, however in the later game the creatures are all so expensive. If you added an upgrade that auto-popped the bubbles in the first stage, I’d probably come back to the game more frequently.

And you already have the timer system in place for the magnet, it wouldn’t be hard to implement a system to auto-pop the bubbles. Otherwise, I do love this game, and I hope to see it get better.


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