Hungry Shark Heroes – a realistic simulator in which you will become a trainer of underwater predators. Ubisoft Ent decided to continue the series of applications about marine inhabitants of the Hungry Shark which came out really high-quality and successful. But this time we are invited not only to swim the depths of the ocean in search of weak fish. Try your hand at PvP battles with other gamers and even put together a real gang of toothy monsters. Simulators occupy most of the gaming market. Family Guy The Quest for Stuff is also very popular in the world.

The first thing to take care of is finding and creating a safe place to grow your wards. Small sharks in the lungs can be food for stronger representatives of the fauna. Therefore, it is important to find a place where others do not look. As before, you need to get food, train and grow sharks. But soon each of them may become an unrealistically steep predator who will speak out against the others in the arena. By training them, you will be able to open combo attacks and other gadgets that give a certain advantage over your opponent.

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Tactical battles take place in PvP format, where you will have to choose the best sharks to fight. This is quite a dangerous mode, because you never know what your enemy is preparing for you. By the way, there are more than a hundred species of sharks themselves. Therefore, there will always be something to strive for, because everyone needs to buy, grow, train. Try to make sure that they do not die in the first battle. To earn money perform simple tasks. Group your sharks, join clans, get useful skills and rewards.

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By the way, the game has a section that allows you to display new types of predators. Cross two or more species and get more powerful pets. This will create a bloodthirsty, unique and perfect fighter, a real winner and a thunderstorm of the seas. Use the codes Hungry Shark Heroes on android and try to become the strongest strategist and trainer of sea killers.

Reviews game Hungry Shark Heroes

For the first twenty minutes, the game holds your hand through a dreadfully simple rock paper scissors “fight” and a complex menu. All while bombarding you with rewards every time you tap that you know you’ll have to pay for to progress at a decent rate.

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The gameplay doesnt hold a candle to the original hungry shark games. Im going to uninstall before the endless grind to get new sharks takes up all my downtime. It looks nice but really doesnt have anything going for it to keep me engaged.

Pretty good game I enjoy it. should be able to get rid of sharks or be able to level them fully to be able to fuse them for the same shark 1 star up.


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