Ice Age Village is free on Android and iOS. Tips and guides during the passage, unlimited resources, boosters. Cheats and codes, free coins and acorns. Ice Age Village is an interesting urban development strategy, executed in the setting of the popular Ice Age cartoon series.

Nicky Scrat, once again chasing his acorn, accidentally split the mainland into dozens of parts, and now players will have to restore the destroyed settlements as quickly as possible. For this you need to re-build houses. Do not forget that each animal has its own needs and living conditions, so you need to carefully approach the choice of housing. For example, seals will feel good only in enclosures with water.

Ice Age Village cheat codes, hacking:

  • Giant Pile of Acorns – dq6BjMb6OB
  • Mound of Coins – uCEdY7ln94
  • The Golden One – 3Xwkyfl9Xs
  • The Acorn Motherload – 1Kn6FJP9LO

Other aspects of the survival of the inhabitants of glaciers are also important – one should not forget to build farms on time so that the animals have food. You can also build various decorative objects designed to improve the mood of the residents.

Ice Age Village cheat

In total, the game has more than two hundred species of animals, so there will be something to do. Restoration of the village is costly, but with the help of fashion for money, you will significantly reduce costs.

There are various mini-games in the game – help Scrat fight off dangerous piranhas with the help of kung fu techniques. Or help Sid save drowning eggs. Do not forget to use the cheat codes Ice Age Village on Android & IOS. This is an online game, so you can go to visit the villages of your friends and other players from around the world.

Some player reviews:

Everything good but there must be a best way to save your game. I have been played this game from a lot and when I change my phone or something happens and I download the game again I lose a lot of things and returned me like three levels! And that’s a lot. I want to be able of saving my progress or at least know when is it saved. If you solve this I think your game will be perfect. UPDATE: I uninstall the app because after a long time waiting it didn’t get better, I had no events at all.

Ice Age Village hack

Great game, if you like the movie then you should love this. Haven’t stopped playing for about 4hours. Great character drawing as well. Having a good time but a bit of a problem to change to another cloud storage to Save more characters but couldn’t do and. Lost a lot of levels.


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