Idle Prison Tycoon: Gold Miner Clicker Game (hacked) – become the initiator of the largest gold mining in the world. No one has yet managed to think of such a large scam, so you have every chance to ensure yourself for the rest of your life. After being appointed as a prison colony manager, a bold and risky idea comes to you – to use prisoners as workers in mines.

The offender does not need to pay for work, which means that you can spend all the money you receive at your own discretion. For example – to build a city in which you will become the owner of the largest enterprises. Also on the site you will find codes for the popular football simulator Head Ball 2.

Each open level of the mine is more gold, respectively, you can acquire land in the city and build buildings. Here, every action paid, however, do not forget about frequent upgrades.

Idle Prison Tycoon cheat & codes:

  • Dogs Package – I9OoHIEYNhFR
  • Mini Gun Lv.1 – rjiwYmPkIlDg
  • Master Pack – PYYRtwsmuAf
  • Mini Gun Lv.2 – 2s5XseJKDJT
  • Mini Gun Lv.3 – lS0BJXdkLdi
  • Cash Pack 3 – 9B8QHFC3uFe
  • Santa Guardian – ogkGdymqs4N
  • Cash Pack 4 – gYC10xPhF8w

We have a hacked version of Idle Prison Tycoon available on android with a lot of money mod. After the first launch, the necessary amount for the first independent steps will be on your balance. Open up mines, start up workers and start earning millions.

Idle Prison Tycoon hack

Game Feature:

  • financial potential clicker;
  • improvement of workers and the opening of new levels in the mines;
  • variety of types of buildings;
  • creating a whole city.

Reviews Idle Prison Tycoon: Gold Miner Clicker Game

I LOVE this game it’s all I will play.if you are looking for a game to download this game is the right one to get.I have a lot of other games and I think this game is the best.I❤the 💀.I’ll DEFINITELY give the game a.

Idle Prison Tycoon cheat

If you’re looking for a great idle game to pass time, this is the one for you. There are endless possibilities in this game that makes it unique. It also keeps you attached by how many things you upgrade and how fast you progress.

I would like to see a global leaderboard I can climb in the future! – keep updating this game with great features.

Could have been better if each time a monster attacks you and you fail I don’t think cob web should appear they are a waste of time.

Idle Prison Tycoon code

Idle Prison Tycoon Simulator is a simulation game mix with clicker games. Become an idle tycoon, build your own mining business and make your investors proud!

Idle Prison Tycoon Simulator is a game simulating a idle business. The player plays with the role of a mine tycoon, build gold mine and invest in gold mining. 

Gold miners working here is prisoner. You run the idle business by building mining prisons in order to Crystal Mine, Diamond Mine and gold mine. The resource will be exchanged into money. The money you making will be used to further expand your mine and upgrade other mining activities and continue making massive idle profit.


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