Jetpack Joyride on Android is a popular arcade game in which you have to escape from dangerous scientists. The main character, Barry, is an ordinary sales manager whose life went awry. Sales have fallen completely, the bosses are unhappy, and there are constant quarrels in the family. Major Mayhem 2 codes are also available on our website.

Returning home, he suddenly noticed that scientists nearby made a jetpack. The character did not come up with anything better than to steal him. The guards noticed everything, and now the hero needs to escape as soon as possible.

Jetpack Joyride is fairly simple and straightforward. Jetpack constantly flies forward, and you need to adjust the height by pressing one key. Along the way, lasers and rockets can come across, after a collision with which the task ends in loss. Flight speed and the number of traps will constantly increase.

Jetpack Joyride cheat

  • Coin Doubler – ybSNIuCEcn
  • Coin Ultimate Pack (1,000,000) – GGb6D2ufOL
  • S.A.M. Mystery Reward – McpANy9xht
  • Fistful of Coins – IUFQCE3hgr
  • Starter Pack – Na9xeNsCqz
  • Sleigh of Awesome – D5kdEfCNo0

To make the process easier and more diverse, the developers have introduced various bonuses. So during the flight, you can have at your disposal a large dragon, a robot or a ship. Also on the way you can meet special tokens that will give the opportunity to play the lottery. The win can be any – 100 bonus coins, another life, double bonuses in the next entry, and so on.

Jetpack Joyride cheat

The main game currency is coins. For them, you can buy new jetpak and various bonuses, such as magnets and turbo boots. On our site you can find Jetpack Joyride codes and instructions for entering them. This will allow you to unlock paid items and get a lot of money on the account. Paid items will add variety to the game and allow you to unlock valuable resources.

Jetpack Joyride game reviews

Here are a few bugs in the game, and some suggestions for future updates. Some of the bugs that I have found are when you finish a game and get an ad everything is fine until the ad is over. Then nothing works, and you’ll have to restart the game.

Another bug is when the screen pops up to ask you if you want to double your coins for that run. It might overlay the screen that would pop up if you didn’t have the double coin screen pop up. Those were the bugs, here are my suggestions for future updates. First you should be able to upgrade the gadgets.

Jetpack Joyride hack

For example the gemology when you upgrade it, it has a greater chance of being a gem instead of a coin. Another suggestion is for flash you make a new screen and you can change the color. And breed of dog, and things like that. You should also be able to upgrade him like giving him a coin magnet, or a higher jump.

Another suggestion is there should be a gadget that gives you random gadgets every run. And it doesn’t always give you two, it could give you one, two or three gadgets if you bought the third gadget slot. My last suggestion is for the random jet packs and clothing.

The random jetpack and clothings should cost the total amount of all the jet packs. And each random clothing should cost all of that type of clothing. And you’ll have a random clothing and jetpack from the whole store even if you haven’t bought it yet.


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