Jurassic Survival hacked on android. Unlimited coins, tokens, tips and guides. Jurassic Survival – online survival game. Clone Prey Day Survival, in which a person should try to regain power on the planet. The plurality of content offers extensive opportunities for this. Advanced crafting system, with which you can create absolutely any object, expanded the boundaries of the world.

Building objects for different purposes, interaction with other users and much more. In addition, the developers release frequent updates with new gadgets that make the world more realistic.

Jurassic Survival cheat

The world is divided into locations that need to be carefully examined for useful resources. Here you must learn not only survival, but also to study the enemy in the face of dinosaurs and other huge monsters. And sooner or later they will start hunting for you. After collecting your bunker, you can experiment in it with various elixirs and resources, thanks to which later you can even construct a motorcycle or other transport.

Jurassic Survival cheat

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  • Dinosaur Hunter’s Pack – IdUpogQXue
  • Useful baggage – IfONV29jEf
  • Universal weapon kit – SOAl6cbm4h
  • Dinosaur Hunter’s Kit – EJkhbLigv4
  • Raw Resources – O6QVtE5DJc

The developers have created each dinosaur individual adversary. Therefore, it is important to study their habits and find weaknesses, then it will be easier to fight with them.

Bypassing the locations and increasing your level of development, you will meet other members of your race. This can facilitate the task of survival or aggravate the situation. If you create a small clan, it is possible to confront the big monsters with a group. And this will give more chances for a favorable outcome of the battles.

Jurassic Survival hack

Our site contains bonus codes Jurassic Survival for Android, which you can use Android / iOS. This is a free craft, which gives an advantage in the creation of defensive structures and arsenal. Without which in such a cruel world can not do. Get it and start building your little virtual world.

Jurassic Survival game reviews

Alright. Straight to the point. Your car crash event? Great loot! Started the game, 10 minutes later, Magnum Revolver, 10 MORE minutes, lose it to a mine field. This time, not even one chest opened due to that bull crap Ornith Boss! Thanks but no thanks!

That wasn’t a thing last time! Can you at least prepare me beforehand? I’d like that to not be a thing please. I really need better items and that thing is the only inhibiting factor.

The thing is, these games throw crazy stuff at me immediately and whenever. I try to prepare, they decide to throw me progress to the wind. I would like it if weapons(guns especially) were a more common thing. That way, situations like this won’t be too much of a problem. Please and thank you?

Nice game.. a good game to spend time..but sure need some improvents like 1.when crafting any building, there should be information about the building that it should be placed on floor(lvl.2) or something 2. make avaliable the other missing items such as nikel bar, steel plates, oak log. 3. make sure to give a dog tag in order to play arena 4. and also the free unknown pakage always give 1 gold, solve this issue and give players chance to get lucky A VERY NICE GAME


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