Jurassic World Alive hacking for a lot of money, free, tips and guides. Cheat codes, guides and hints, unlock dinosaurs, unlimited resources. Jurassic World Alive is a unique mobile project using an element of additional reality. The game offers you to become the owner of a whole collection of long-extinct creatures.

Build a collection of monsters that exist on this planet billions of years ago. You will not only search for and hunt dinosaurs, but also conduct revolutionary research. And this is an opportunity to make every creature found sturdier. My Singing Monsters, this is another game where you can control monsters, as well as create music.

The gameplay offers a lot of tasks, and the first of them is to collect at least a few types of creepy creatures. So you can go to your secret laboratory and conduct a series of studies that will provide financial resources. Your job will be to cross a variety of individuals. Introducing the best qualities of a hunter, killer, predator, etc. into their new creation. That is, you need to bring out such a view that can survive the next ice age, and even a nuclear war.

Jurassic World Alive codes

  • VIP – Full Membership – 9f1h7ofpeu
  • Bundle Rare 2A – ro2oklvu9b
  • Bundle Rare 5A – 0gjz0v8t9l
  • Vault of Cash – cdvv8heuno
  • Mountain of Cash – ramt9hfycj
  • Bundle Epic 50A – eueq5hjzz3

Despite the fact that all these activities have already turned the concept of the virtual world, the developers offer a number of gadgets. Moving forward in your research, you will increase your level of development, and receive new privileges.

Jurassic World Alive cheat

In addition, there is a certain arena where dinosaur owners meet and fight for the championship. Take part in large-scale PvP battles and become the champions. Using the Jurassic World Alive cheat codes for Android, you can get game currency sets absolutely free.


  • a game with additional reality AR;
  • original virtual environment and realistic gameplay;
  • unreal number of game missions;
  • rank system;
  • laboratory studies of different levels;
  • hundreds of species of individuals of the Jurassic period;
  • creating your own perfect monster;
  • network battles for the promotion.

Reviews game Jurassic World Alive

Doesn’t load properly. Opens in portrait but the game seems to be in landscape which results in the game. Being 1/4 visible. I assume my phone isn’t supported which is unfortunate. And demands a 1* review. Add support for mi mix 3 and I’ll be happy to adjust my review if necessary.

In my opinion I would have to say this game is a good competitor to Pokémon Go. This game has pretty good graphics as well as very nice game mechanics. It’s capture system feels more fun and interactive through its dart system. As well as the fact that most dinosaurs are already visible and can be walked to.

Jurassic World Alive hack

It very pleasant to always get a free supply drop as it keeps you dart supply going. The supply drops outside of the free one are very common and give you up to 2 drops in 15 minutes (if you watch a small 30 second video).

You don’t have to hit very many drops to sustain your darts as it’s probably the only resource you have to manage. I also enjoy the combat of the game. The game gives you the option to battle other players without having to leave home which I believe is an improvement because the game doesn’t restrict you entirely to leaving your house.

I’d also like to state that the add campaign in the game can be worked to your advantage. As completing small challenges on other apps can earn you quick bucks in game as well as the 30 second videos. That are available after you grab a supply drop for the first time that allow you to grab the drop a second time.

All and all I think this is a pretty good game and would recommend it to a friend. However, not all experiences are the same. So I can’t say to avoid the game through bugs and such because I haven’t experienced any.


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