We present to you an amazing, interesting, fast and easy arcade game Sweet Food. This game is very original and very cute. It is created in the cooking genre for all burgers lovers. This brilliant game is created for real gourmets from developers, Platonic Games. Even if you are not a fan of games in this genre, believe me, it is this exciting game that will change your opinion.

Here you will be engaged in the development of your business as well as you will be able to study recipes. It seems that here, from all these toys, comes the pleasant aroma of cooked food that beckons and delights. Use the free hacking Kawaii Kitchen to improve the gameplay and get free money.

This game for you will be a kind of virtual teacher who does not stint on the lessons. If you diligently fulfill the conditions of tasks, you will soon learn new products and even be able to share with others.

Diversify your daily menu, which will certainly surprise your home. Challenge yourself as a cook by opening a cafe with a lush meal! Tie your apron, sharpen knives and start an insane culinary adventure! To become a leader, you can use the Kawaii Kitchen cheats for Android and Ios.

Description and essence of the game:

In this game, you’ll manage your own burger. After all, everyone in the world loves good burgers, and for this reason, they decided to have a snack in your cafe. Your customers, this time will not be people, but very cute and funny characters.

Which also seems to love these delicacies. And now do your best to fulfill the orders of such not simple customers. As you will see later, their preferences are not ordinary. You need to cook burgers with very exotic ingredients from around the world. Hacked Kawaii Kitchen without downloading the mod is exactly what you are looking for.

Kawaii Kitchen cheat codes for Android and Ios:

  • Get + 500 000 Money for Free – uXy2S5rDfu
  • No Ads – dYdwwytyLX
  • Unlock 3 Secrets – Nh-tj320f

Create your own recipes for delicacies. Here you can create more than 100 different types of hamburgers. You should definitely leave them satisfied, for that they will leave you more tips. Take their orders and make sure that all the ingredients in the burgers are truly from the heart.

Make every effort so that they continue to remain your customers. The more you play, the more products you will have. But you need to work very quickly to collect orders from the recipes on the list.
To begin with, as an amateur chef, you will start with a small kitchen, but in the process you will have the opportunity to develop and expand. Additionally, use the new hacking Angry Birds POP for free and fast.

Game features:

Perform tasks, earn free coins and crystals, and make it very easy. For these coins, improve your skills, and unlock new flavors and colors. Collect new suits for the cook. Tasks are easily completed and you can easily change cooks. Kawaii Kitchen codes will give you a lot of money quickly and for free.

This is an amazing and fun game, very beautiful, vector 3D graphics. The gameplay is also not bad. Very easy management, well-developed characters, costumes, allow you to enjoy the gameplay in full. The gameplay is accompanied by pleasant music and funny sounds. An exciting and free game for your Android and iOS devices.


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