Kick the Buddy hacked on Android and iOS, free of charge, bonuses and codes. Free, gold, a lot of money, unlock prompts, boosters and promotional codes. Kick the Buddy is an entertaining mobile project in the genre of timekiller with a game process aimed at relieving stress. Nowadays, it’s not easy enough to control yourself.

After all, almost every step there are situations that can provoke excessive irritability. Such applications are aimed precisely at combating this, because it is much better to throw out the rage on a non-existent character than a living person. Also in the game you will find the Bubbu codes – My Virtual Pet. This is an opportunity to have fun and get a lot of money.

Your main enemy here will be a rag mannequin named Buddy – quite a funny boy. Him you yourself should spoil the physiognomy. Everything is much simpler than you can imagine: beat this comrade to such an extent, until stuffing falls out of him. The gameplay can be divided into conditional levels, where at each subsequent additional things will appear, such as clubs and firearms. You can choose what you want to fuck Buddy, and do not feel sorry for him. After all, this is just a fictional character created for whipping.

Kick the Buddy cheat codes, hacking:

  • Diamond Membership (1 week) – 5D6S9A0Q1A
  • Blood ON! – 700KRW2RWU
  • No ads – IG9ZZ9ZJHK
  • Safe of Bucks – RKXYQT4VI4
  • Stack of Gold – K4Z6LLFPF1

In addition to the usual arsenal, gamers can use the help of new unlocked characters. Predatory animals and plants of different periods of evolution, genie and many others. Cut buddy Buddy, drown, freeze, torment, shoot and beat – it is yours to the very end.

So here is a simple way gamers will earn money, and all the money for bullying can be in the game store. There are also special gadgets for the character himself. You can dress up, buy him a certain accessory and make him look like your worst enemy.

Kick the Buddy hack

Despite the simplicity of the gameplay, there will always be little money here, as the content is really rich in all sorts of things that you should definitely try. In this regard, we suggest you use the Kick the Buddy hacking for Android and iOS.

With it, you will get a lot of money, involving the free use of unlimited virtual tools. This means that already from the first minute of the game, you get the opportunity to buy any weapon or character to punish the mannequin. Do not lose the unique chance to relax, find out how this game can make you happy after a hard work day.

Characteristic game:

  • atmospheric visuals and high-quality animation;
  • casual control system;
  • a variety of clothes and other lotions;
  • the acquisition of various types of weapons;
  • help of various creatures;
  • several stages of development.

Game reviews

Great game Kick the Buddy. Maybe make the shooting easier? Also possibly making ads you watch for weapons count towards other weapons. Having achievements that unlock weapons or give in game rewards? Lastly, maybe making the ad or chest chance after death a bit less, it’s quite annoying.

Kick the Buddy cheat

Otherwise, very fun, creative, unique game with a plethora of interaction too please stress, and just have a goal. I still remember when it was older, locked up in chains and the best weapon being the feather. I think that’s how it was…but still. Sidenote, maybe make the feather a bit cheaper? I miss buddy’s laughs.

I mean, guys, there are so many ads! Every time you knock out buddy or come near to knocking out buddy. You get a 30 second, unskippable ad. (Most likely) I had to spend a full $5.00 for a no ads pass and yet there are still ads! Every now and then this “Party Master” guy shows up and tricks you into free money that doesn’t even count!

The other reviews say they’ve played the original version and they had no ads, no gold, and cheap stuff. Now, you have to pay, I dunno, 400 gold for almost everything


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