King of Thieves on Android is a cool multiplayer strategy game with elements of PvP platformer. The creators of the undisputed hit Cut the Rope have worked to present another masterpiece to loyal fans. In it, gamers will learn not quite familiar cases. Ahead you will find a whole campaign with a mass of difficult levels, puzzles, traps and enemies. In addition, you act as a builder of your own impassable labyrinth. Steal from all users of their wealth and become the most unnoticed thief of the virtual world.

As such, the battles between users are not here, that is, no one needs to beat his face to show his superiority. We will do this using logic and cunning, because in order to steal the booty of another user. It is necessary to go through dozens of saws, not to fall into the trap, and even go around the monsters. Also interesting to spend time in the game Block Strike.

Actually, first you need to equip your possessions with the same lotions as much as possible. You will have several totems through which valuable stones are mined. We need to make sure that the enemy does not get to them, placing the same traps in random order.

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When your tunnel becomes inaccessible for a simple man in the street, go to explore to other gamers. Here begins the real arcade game with a monster, which you will manage in the process of robbery. Having some tools like master keys, you need to skillfully bypass established obstacles and steal a totem. This will give a lot of wealth and money to the virtual balance. Hang someone’s good – only in words a simple lesson, in real life this business requires maximum preparation.

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In fact, the gameplay can be endless. The number of players here is constantly growing, besides all thieves increase the level of development. Play online with other gamers or go through a single-player campaign against artificial intelligence.

The gameplay is seasoned with a wonderful visual component in a drawing style. You can play for free using the King of Thieves cheat codes for android. Right now and start doing some business, gradually enriching the pocket.

Characteristic game King of Thieves :

  • colorful visual effects;
  • a wide variety of playable characters;
  • PvP battles and campaigns with 80 locations;
  • all levels are original in their own way;
  • dozens of types of traps for players;
  • incredible wealth to steal from gamers;
  • creating a personal dungeon according to your own plan;
  • the possibility of cooperative play;
  • simple and unobtrusive management.


Its Decent, but poorley balanced. its a fun game, and it really shines when you first start. Short waiting times and lots to mess around with, however, things get considerably worse as you continue.

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Dungeons come down to a pixel perfect jumps, and timing need to be impecable. In gem rituals, the player usually gets your best gem, and not only does getting a new one take a lot of work. But this process happens every few hours. A 10 hour ritual has taken me over 5 days to complete because this.

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King of theives has been one of my favourite games on my phone. And i havn’t even had it for that long. Its a unique game in my opinion because you get to design your own kind of level. And try to make it as hard as you can so others cant steal your gold or gems i really recommend this game to everyone.


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