KleptoCats hacking – entertaining timekiller about the life of a virtual cat and its owner. The gameplay will give you a lot of fun at the expense of just incredible characters. The thing is, your pets are real kleptomania, who grab and drag everything into the house to the eye. As soon as they go for a walk, after a minute they return from the loot taken from nowhere. It is you who need to follow this process, settle problems with your neighbors and try not to fall under the supervision of local peace officers with your not quite ordinary favorites. Free a lot of money can be obtained in the game King of Thieves.

At first you will have only one cat, but later you will be able to join the ranks of your stealing squad. Since you were left without work and livelihood, cats are the real rescuers, thanks to which you keep afloat. So that they bring as much useful items and things as possible, feed them well, iron shaggy purrs or put them on the promenade. Finding things, they try to thank you for your love and care.

KleptoCats cheat

  • Package with 200 Gems – 42mVyyCVJm
  • Room Deal 1 – IxoDHcKy0F
  • Room Deal 2 – pWCAs4wHnt
  • Mega Sale – ojg3zBjKlg

The appearance of all animals will be chosen randomly, or rather with the help of the wheel of fortune. The more often you take care of new friends, the more opportunities will appear in the game, rooms in the house will open and interior items will appear.

KleptoCats cheat

The visual series of the game is made with the use of animated drawings and resembles a funny cartoon with quite memorable characters. Here you can find KleptoCats codes for Android absolutely free and get a lot of money. Virtual currency in this project will be far from superfluous, and you can settle in the house as best you can.


Hello hypberbeard. I like this game a lot, but…. this game gets CREEPY and DARK. For example:if you get the phone, there’s a message. The message: “U ok?”

That means the creator of the kleptocats has DIED. So at the time that means he was talking to his freind at the time of the kill. Ok,enough with the dark stuff! I like the game. It’s cute. I have the book to. (Kleptocats: guide to surviving cuteness overloads. Is the name of the book) the book is helpful.

KleptoCats hack

And congrats to Daphne Pendergrass for the OUTSTANDING artwork! I have one of the kleptocrats tiny cute ADORBLE little plushies. I have the Sakura plushie.i find all the cats cute. But mine FREACKS ME OUT and that one with the black eyes with the knife,HORRIFYING! But I notice that paper with a handprint on it. That.

Gives. Me. Chills. I’m also a new player. So I don’t have many cats and items. How do I know there’s a handprint on the wall? I have the book. Thanks to the book I see all cats and items in all rooms (not ALL rooms…) I also find gem dog ADORBLE! With his little cute face, he looks like a cute stuff animal! That’s all the time I have to right write. Thanks for reading! Bye.


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