Klondike Adventures is a lot of money hacking for free. Cheats and codes in the game on Andorid / iOS, passing tips, sets of coins and gems. Where to enter codes, how to use hints, tips and guides. Klondike Adventures is a strategic project for mobile devices, in which you will create your own farm and will be engaged in arranging the city in the mines.

Users enter the virtual world just at the height of the gold rush, when every villager is trying to get as much precious metal as possible. People leave their homes and go far into the desert to work here. Hearing this news, you also decide to go there, take all the savings with you and go on a trip. Farms occupy an important part in the game world. The Sims FreePlay, and other life simulators will allow you to plunge into another world and enjoy the gameplay.

Klondike Adventures hack

But arriving in the city, you soberly assess the situation and understand that it will not work to make money on the extraction of the precious metal, but there is a way out better. After deliberation, you acquire an abandoned plot of land and begin to raise cattle here and plant a vegetable garden with might and main.

In these lands, almost all work in the mines, so agriculture becomes a real gold mine, and you are the first to understand this. Hungry workers will come to you, buy supplies and pay for the gold they collect.

Klondike Adventures cheat codes, hacking

  • Handful of Emeralds – V277UNqqjT
  • Bag of Emeralds – 9o2XSmRRYq
  • Safe of Emeralds – 1uklAMT8ko
  • Handful of Coins – Msl1rhHkQf

Due to the fact that the developers have added a huge amount of game resources, you can grow, buy seeds and sell already grown grain and vegetables. Later you will build up your territory, redeem land from others and sell your goods in the shops. And so on until the whole city is under your direct influence. We suggest you to use the Klondike Adventures cheat codes right now and get a significant advantage when passing. Embark on an exciting virtual journey of your life.

Some player reviews:

The game has potential.. but its ruinrd by poor implementation. There is little balance. and many actions and chains of production are operating at heavy losses. The forced updates are also an annoyance, as they are immediate and there is no option to wait until i have more time and phone space. Progression too often requires you to lose access to an area, so you either clear it completely before moving on, or give up anything uncleared. Over all, its okay to play for free, but not worth money.

Klondike Adventures cheat

I’ve never played the PC version or whatever came out prior to the iPad version, but it is a fun game to play. The first 5 Levels go by pretty quick and give you the basics of playing the game. The game slows down a bit until about level 10-15 as you build up and locate the items you need to produce needed coins and energy, but hang in there, it’s worth the wait. I’m at about level 18 currently and you can play for a longer length of time without running out of energy so fast. As a fan of FarmVille type of games I have found this to have a similar feel with some nice twists. I look forward to the ability to play with others as it is only a one player game for now.

The game is regularly updated and special events are incorporated also. The summer faire event has been fun and I almost have it completed. You can play without having to spend real money on gems, but to excel the gameplay extra gems would help obviously. I haven’t spent money on the game but I personally don’t mind spending $5-$10 here and there to support the developers.

It’s obvious a lot of work went into this game so don’t be so quick to judge if you find it getting frustrating earlier in the game. I do think the help section could be much more elaborate in explaining the challenges often faced in the game, but at least there is something to help you along your exploration. Enjoy!


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