Left to Survive hacking – network action in the style of Mad Zombies. The game received a three-dimensional solution to the graphics and the perspective of a third-person view. At the disposal of the gamer will be a good set of arsenal for confrontation with the infected, as well as a wide variety of tasks. The application also combines elements of strategy and has a PvP mode.

The city is isolated from the outside world, which means that all those who managed to survive were trapped. The walking dead appear from everywhere, which can be dealt with only in one familiar way – the destruction of the brain. As one of the fighters, the gamer must clean the city streets, while not allowing himself to be bitten and help other survivors to escape. The farther you go, the harder it is to cope with the danger, as zombies soon begin to group together several dozen in one company. Without a strategy here can not do.

Left to Survive cheat

In addition to the standard campaign, there are other modes that add problems for gamers. Here you will compete in online battles against real opponents. You can choose a single pass mode, 2 on 2 battles, or try to survive in a group of people.

Left to Survive cheat

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In any case, in addition to the infected monsters, you have an even bigger enemy – a person who is able to destroy everything you have built and leave to die. Save money on weapons, use equipment to move, build shelters to protect against enemy attacks.

The city has many resources that allow you to hold on for a long time. Collect materials for construction, look for provisions and save those who cannot protect themselves from the threat. We suggest you use the codes Left to Survive for a lot of ammo, money. An additional advantage of this feature is that you no longer need to spend time reloading weapons. Help others, cooperate and survive in a harsh environment together.


First off this is my favorite mobile game. I spend more time playing this than my PS4 and Xbox One combined. I’ve pretty much given up on the campaign due to the fact that it takes SO LONG to upgrade weapons, unless you spend money. Real money…and it can become quite pricey. I’ve only spent a few dollars on the game. But I learned something over the last few months of play. Being patient and waiting for your facilities to upgrade (sometimes upgrades can take up to 15 hours) can feel satisfying if you stick with it over time.

Left to Survive hack

I’ve spent a few months logging on everyday to upgrade various facilities. And also to do Base Raids and the PvP aspects. You do get rewards for your efforts, and they aren’t bad at all. If you don’t want to spend money on the game, you just have to be patient and keep at it daily to get the most out of it. Also, you can just watch ads to acquire free gold and energy (energy is needed for Base Raids). So in short, this is an awesome game for mobile…you just need patience and in my opinion…it’s totally worth it. Thanks guys for making such a great game and for always adding new content!

Ok game but don’t expect to advance quickly without spending money. In my opinion they want far to much for gold. If it was more reasonbly priced I would probably purchase it. I will probably play until I can’t get any further without spending then delete the game. Graphics are good and it does run quite smoothly.


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