Live or die: Survival hacked into free crafting and money is a mobile sandbox, not inferior in terms of gameplay quality even to Prey Day Survival. Build bunkers and barns, install protective structures. Look for resources to develop your hero and the ability to defend against the walking dead. Travel dangerous locations in search of survivors, engage in agriculture and create the conditions for life in this devastated, scorched world of the epidemic.

The first steps are the most difficult, because your protagonist will have the very minimum for survival. First, examine the area for useful resources and hazards. Since zombies can hide in the bushes or wander a hundred meters from you.

Find a secluded place where you can start building a bunker – there you will rest and store your supplies. Your character gets tired quickly, so from the beginning you will not be able to get far in your research. Perform tasks to get gold and experience that will allow you to open recipes for crafting and improve the game level.

Live or Die: Survival cheat

Perhaps it is the level of development that dictates all the rules here. Since the higher it is, the more you get from the gameplay. So, stepping over a certain stage, you will find parts for transport, get crafting recipes and be able to design yourself a car or bike. Of course, the further you go, the more difficult the opponents become. There are new types of walking dead, which can not be killed with one spear. Be in constant search for options for salvation – and then you will be able to unleash absolutely all the game potential.

Live or die: Survival cheat

  • Second chance – vuQfx1Rf5L
  • 50 coins – r9qyAPRMAV
  • Unbreakable – q2Ny8iPole
  • Veteran’s сhoice – NYChzKhOwm
  • Military Backpack – IAX73w7G0D
  • Beginner pack – ovCtRNJRtu
  • Special forces pack – 2zvVZiS3jM
  • Survivor’s pack – FMzBK9fNnZ
  • Exploration pack – bJlU3GS4L0
  • Supression pack – tKEpVZC5u8

And finally, we suggest you use the cheat codes Live or die: Survival on android. With this modification you get a whole set of skills and add-ons. More energy, unlimited amount of money, experience and a new level of development. Find out what this dangerous infected world has prepared for you.

Reviews game Live or die: Survival

This game is 99% Last Day on Earth franchise? It’s the same boring taking forever to get from point A to B on the world map. It’s the same boring cannot stand still or you’ll die from hunger and thirst. It’s the same boring your items will break in a few swings and rare parts are close to impossible to come by. The actions and movement are not even as smooth as “Last Day on Earth.” When you actually spend real cash for items hoping for those rare parts, you get the same item you can just gather out in the normal map…..I’m sick of this scam.

Live or Die: Survival hack

If you’re into that kind of game, download it. Otherwise, there are more enjoyable titles out there that are similar, but way better, such as “Prey Day,” and “Saga of Survival,” where you won’t die of hunger and thirst when you stand still. I can play that game in bed and fall as sleep. My character will still be alive and not finding myself back at base and lose my loot in the morning when I wake up. Getting from point A to B on the world map only takes seconds not 30+ minutes. You can play the game for as long as you’d like and fluid game play.

How’s that for “Please, rate our game”? Now go and improve it. Don’t make another boring on a money sucking marketing platform as “Last Day on Earth”.


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