Machinarium hack for Android is a point-and-click quest with a deep storyline and good graphics. The project was created by the renowned studio Amanita Design, which previously managed to capture the hearts of millions of fans with their games Samorost and Botanicula.

The Black Hats Gang is a group of bandits that has long been committed to terrorizing the inhabitants of the city of Mashinarium. So far they have done nothing serious and mainly engaged in pogroms of shop windows and petty theft. One day the gang leader decided to attack the mayor, but he managed to call a scavenger robot, capable of sending any mechanism to a landfill. But the car was wrong, and instead threw the cleaner Joseph – the main character of the game. At this time, the bandits managed to steal his best friend and infect the ruler of the city with parasites.

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When he woke up at the dump, the hero realizes the misfortune of his girlfriend and now intends to save her. He will have to go a long way to the city: the janitor will be in the captivity of local gangsters, save the whole city from imminent destruction, cure the mayor and still be able to get to his beloved, of course only with your help.

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Free download Machinarium for Android, iOS – NEO38HB#J#

Gameplay is implemented as standard for games of this genre. To overcome the location you have to go through many different puzzles and obstacles. To do this, use different levers, switches and items found earlier. In the clouds of memories of the protagonist, clues and his memories from the past will emerge, revealing the plot in more detail. Also on the site you will find the free version of the game Day R Premium.

The full version Machinarium is distributed on a paid basis, so many users can not enjoy this wonderful project, but using cheat codes everyone can get it for free.

Reviews Machinarium

This game is both frustrating as it is awesome. A couple of times I almost smacked my phone to a wall but I keep trying and trying.. that’s real powerful. If you can make a game which keeps the player hooked even when he’s back at work. That deserves a 5* rating! So don’t give up if you think there’s no way out. There always is. However some of the controls are frustrating.. like swiping up or down to shrink or grow or little friend, that’s not always working, resulting in a midget walk of shame.

Machinarium hack

Could be a fun point and click adventure, but one of the levels is completely broken in a way that won’t allow you to continue (going to one of the screens auto resets you to an earlier level instead of allowing you to progress). I’ve contacted the developers multiple times with no response, so i guess I’ll never get to finish the game.


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