MAD ZOMBIES hacked – mobile action in the genre of post-apocalyptic shooting gallery. Despite the frantic popularity of the genre and even greater competition, the application is quite famous in the game world. In some ways, it can be compared to the surviving Live or die: Survival. Charge the full shop and try to go through hundreds of hellish locations.

The game is made with a first-person view, you yourself are playing a fighter who becomes the only hope for humanity. The fact is that he is the only person who stands between the walking dead and uninfected people, and if the zombies manage to pass this barrier, they will quickly destroy all the living. The main rule of salvation is to in no case allow the monsters to approach you, otherwise within a few seconds nothing will be left of you.


Train your speed and accuracy – they will save time and ammo, which will always be small. You are already waiting for dozens of dead, and with each location passed, their number will only grow. In this regard, you should as soon as possible unlock an arsenal with more powerful models of firearms. The catch lies in the fact that you must be in constant motion, trying to find the zombies before they find the passage to the surviving people.


  • 1 000 000 cash – FU3OZJYFLF
  • 50 000 gold – U1NBW9BVL5
  • Remove Ads – PDZFYM95U4

Gradually, you will be able to upgrade the hero, improving his shooting skills. You will also be available sniper rifles, mines and other devices with which you can win a little time. We offer to use hacking MAD ZOMBIES. Its difference cheat codes for a lot of money, which initially will provide you with gold. Necessary resources and free game currency sets.


I am very much so pleased with this game. It’s entertaining! I like how it’s designed that the further you get into the game the more zombies you have to fight and the more speed they have as well. I like that there are different types of zombies.

I do feel like they should invent a more upgraded advanced version of this game as well. I feel it would interest more.This game definitely snatched my attention and i do recommend this game for those who love to shoot and want to practice their aim.

PvP is good, 1st time ever i played FPS on mobile. But i’m confused – why i always have less armor that opponents and how they gain 60-80 points with. 2 kills / 3 deaths or smth like that.

I’m rating this zombie games 3 stars because for the last 15 to 20 mins. I don’t understand why i’m stuck on this section. It’s time i have completed this section i been sent back again, again and again. And it’s geting aggravating and one more thing, is upgrating is almost impossible.


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