Major Mayhem 2 hacking – drawn action arcade game for mobile devices. As one of the soldiers of fortune you will have to challenge global evil. The storyline of the game begins to develop after one major terrorist organization began to translate into reality its plan to destroy the world.

Upon learning of the looming threat, Major Meihem again takes up arms and sets off on a most dangerous journey. First you need to master weapons. Develop in order to stop the corporation and give the world a chance for salvation. Dead Trigger 2 codes are available on our website, which will also allow you to access paid resources.

The player will have to go through fifty story missions. Each of which involves an explosive confrontation with an unread army of a secret organization. In addition to ordinary soldiers on your way will meet and bosses, to cope with which only a true hero can. However, you must not only kill all enemies, but also to rescue the hidden hostages.

Major Mayhem 2 cheat codes for Android/iOS

  • 6500 Gems – Major Guns for free – QCq_aUjLb6a

And it will be more difficult to do this than it may seem at first glance. Collect valuable rewards and medals, earn money for the development and purchase of weapons. Using the codes of Major Mayhem 2 for a lot of money, you can combine different types of weapons and unlock abilities.

Major Mayhem 2 cheat

Ahead of you are waiting for battles in different parts of the world, deadly structures of the organization and massive bloodshed. Will you be able to escape in this difficult confrontation and save the innocent? Everything will depend only on your perseverance and desire to win. Hacked version of the game Major Mayhem 2: Action Arcade Shooter on Android, this is an opportunity to unlock paid items. Get a lot of money on the account and get the advantage in the world.


  • atmospheric HD-graphics in cartoon format;
  • perfectly adapted management;
  • fifty missions and the top five of the strongest leaders;
  • two dozen types of weapons;
  • more than a hundred awards for a fighter.


I’m not gonna lie, this game is great and is somewhat addicting in a way. The only problem (or problems) is the inclusion of an energy system which slows the pace down a little too much. The second is one of the original problems from MM1. And it’s that weapons cost a bit too much and/or that you don’t earn much money playing. I know this game is supposed to be a bit challenging. But the the cash seems very minuscule or the value of it is too low.

Major Mayhem 2 hack

Again, this is great game all in all. The graphics are a nice mix between nice and cartoon-y. The weapons do seem to have some power behind them. I love how the enemies have a couple lines of dialogue during combat each with their own voices.

The upgrade system is nice but is a bit expensive. The fact that you can unlock blueprints for weapons is also fine. But the only problem is you have to open chests that require you to watch ads to open them. Which is not that worth out as you have to wait several hours to open them. Hope this game does get those changes in the future.


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