Make More hacking for money, secrets, boosters and codes. Pixel clicker for mobile devices. In it, you will have to become the malicious chief of one of the shops of the toy factory. The essence of the game is to require the processing of the daily rate from their subordinates. Try to plow faster, better and better. And you should not care if the worker is tired or wants to sleep, the main thing is to produce more goods. Most recently, the site appeared codes in the game PUBG MOBILE.

At the very beginning of work, at your disposal there will be only one goner carving wooden ducks. It is incredibly slow, but only you touch the display, as the workflow accelerates noticeably. While clicking, the boss, sitting over his head, will furiously pounding on the table and screaming. The employee’s desk can withstand a small load, so the cut out figures must be attributed to the boss for approval.

Thus, you will earn the first coins and you can spend them either on the upgrade of the workplace. You can also spend on hiring another sotrudike and pumping an existing one.

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  • 500 000 coins – Kr*6foJF98p
  • 100 000 cash – No*AnZBbGJ6

Gradually, acquiring the best workers, you will start the production of wooden toys and be able to earn big money. In addition, for a good job, sometimes there will be some encouragement in the form of cups of coffee, radio and workwear. If you apply something from this list in the process, you can sell the product at a better price.

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In order not to be distracted from the main task, we suggest you use Make More codes! on android. So you can pay for the work of ten or more workers at once. Launch a whole production workshop and improve the quality of the manufactured goods.


  • retro style graphics;
  • timekiller with simple controls;
  • variety of tasks;
  • the possibility of hiring employees;
  • bonuses for good work;
  • worker upgrades.


OK I loved it its super addictive but I bought everything. I bought all 5 factories with fully upgraded workers. And even robots but now there is nothing much to do left please update. This game quickly and after the game resets and doing everything again is just boring.

Time Challenges are here!
Check out the special factories with completely new, never before seen bosses and products! Available for a limited time only for all users who have the first trophy from the Big Boss.

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New collectibles!
Unlock new collectibles and earn extra cash by participating in Time Challenges.

Bug fixes and improvements.
Oh, there’s plenty of these all right.

Don’t miss out! Update the game and we’ll notify you in-game when it’s time for the next Time Challenge!


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