Despicable Me: Minion Rush hacked for an android, ios – a jogger for mobile devices with bright animation and an unusual approach to the gameplay. What can I say, if the development of the game was engaged in the monster entertainment industry Gameloft? This immediately discards the question of the quality of graphics and the gameplay itself. Just enjoy the fascinating adventures of yellow creatures and help them find the perfect recipe for banana jam. If you like dynamic games, then you should pay attention to Jetpack Joyride.

As you guessed, the main mission is to gather fruit. However, we should not forget about the obstacles at the levels in the form of furniture, explosives, fences and all sorts of different objects. Moreover, each treadmill will surprise with its tortuosity. There will be sharp turns and even fork, who knows who will lead the minion. And at the end of each location you will be expected by a boss who should be overtaken and receive a long-awaited bonus.

Minion Rush cheat codes for android, ios

  • Worker Minion Costume – 5KmUrnhDwm
  • Golden Banana – XG4KXV4ngH
  • Vault of Tokens Game Pack – guRUf8dRNo
  • Singer – Zl4EjEno7G

Interestingly, you gradually get used to the intricacies of the levels and will be able to shorten the path, for which you can get other privileges. Diversity brings and the ability to dress up the characters to your taste, however, this will require gaming currency. You can use the free cheat codes Minion Rush for Android, iOS.Bonus codes a lot of money from our site. Virtual funds will not be superfluous and in case of loss, because in order to return to the game, you will have to pay a small amount.

Characteristic Minion Rush:

  • more than a hundred tasks;
  • each level has its own cache with a bonus;
  • mini-games for additional prizes;
  • setting and changing the character;
  • boss races;
  • recipe search;
  • fruit picking and game currency;
  • colorful graphics.


This game is absolutely awful now that it has been updated. This may be a long paragraph(s) but I’m proving a point. Okay so Gameloft do you ever look at your reviews because your recent reviews have sucked for one apparent reason. Your UPDATE has literally failed every persons expectations. First of all I have just downloaded this app today because earlier I was thinking “Hmmmm maybe I should re-download Minion Rush because it would be a fun game to start playing again.

Minion Rush cheat

Then about an hour or so ago I go into the App Store and search Minion Rush up. Then I look at the reviews for maybe any exciting things happening in the game, or any events that I maybe missed out on. Then I see about 5+ reviews about how the update sucked and that everyone hates the new game. I downloaded Minion Rush wanting to see what the fuss was about. I go into the app once it downloaded and it immediately said after the video something about “all your old progress will be saved and converted into new cooler coins.” Well game developers should respond to this because it has many reasons why they should undo the update.🤬And also Gameloft just ruined the old and way better version of the game. Thanks for you time. I’m so disappointed😓.

Minion Rush hack

I love this game “””But👿👿 i been playing for years and enjoyed special missions. Everything i worked hard for upgrading all my characters and golden tickets and its all gone. I dont like this new game design. The graphics great but why have to start over after all the work. Thx u hackers. Thx to y they had to change it. I want the old version back. Was more fun.Worked so hard to what. Re upgrade an lose all the costumes my minions had recieved hard work 4 nada. So mad!! Not happy with gameloft!


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